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Get your $20 Now FREE

Feb 22, 2008 3 comments
Neither I'm referring anyone to any Affiliate links nor I want anyone to sign up for some lousy sites to get commission.

It's just one millionaire guy who is sharing his $100,000 dollars to bloggers around the globe dividable by $20 to each person. So, be one of those 5000 chosen person.

Link: Get Your $20

Thanks for trying this thing out!!!


Webster Twelb said…'re probably saving that big sense of humor of yours and now it's coming out..

how do i get one of these?

Nirab Pudasaini said…
I guess i wasnt elligible ..... I am not that regular you know ....... but i wonder how the computer knew that ????????
Navin said…
webby, just for fun :) lol

Speed bro, make sure your Javascript is on :) lol

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