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Israeli Restaurants using digitial e-menu

Feb 25, 2008 5 comments
The following video shows that the restaurant in Israel is using a digital form of menu,called e-menu technology. This system is very innovative,new and looks quite convincing.

It seems, touch screen technology is going to hit big screen soon. Till date it's just limited to pocket screen and some low sized monitors attached to big machines. Similar technology from Microsoft called Surface is making debut this year too,sounds pretty convincing.


Anonymous said…
wow such a big investment tfor this restaurant!
Nisha said…
Hey navin, you always have new and amazing things to tell all your readers about :) i really love visiting here, but if only my connection was speedy :( anyways hope your having a wonderful time there in USA :)
Navin said…
Vickie, yeap.. I had similar thought

Nisha, thanks nisha for your kind comments and you also have a great time out there in your country, and words like yours acts like a blogging fuel for my blogging engine :)
Nisha said…
Hahahaha so you dont have to buy fuel for your blog engine now! i will come to your rescue ;)
Navin said…
Yayyyyyyy, that's the deal. Please, I need the fuel always :)

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