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Time to show my appreciation

Feb 11, 2008 16 comments
I'm glad to be the part of blogosphere(it is a newly defined term which means bloggers community where bloggers are interconnected to each other in someway). I don't care if I've earned a money or not off my blog but I do care that I've earned wonderful friends. My friends mean a lot to me. And, this post is entirely dedicated to my contemporary blogger friends. I should've done this post long time ago, but anyways, it's better late than never.

I know this type of post is called MeMe or Tagging bloggers in general term. But I just don't want to name this post that way, though I'm enlisting my contemporaries in this post.

First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your kind and generous attitude towards me that you've developed after reading my blog. I really appreciate that deeply and I also want to show my appreciation to all of those silent readers, who are just unread in anywhere of my blog but still show up to read something in here. Because, my stat shows that most of them, read but leave without a word. I'm equally grateful towards them too.

Some of my friends have written poems for me:

My friend Ametya has written a poem for me like this:

मेरो गफ.कम

यो गफ
अली भिन्दै हो
तिमीले सोचे भन्दा
फरक अवश्यै हो
ब्रिहत छ गफ
इन्फो र टेक्नोको
सुचना तथा संचार
आवश्यकता आजको युवाको

प्रवासी जीवन, नेपाली सोचाई
लेखक नविन, नविनै लेखाई
ब्लगको दुनियाँमा प्रिथक छ पहिचान
ब्लगरको जमातमा अस्तित्व! एक शान

मेरो गफको गफ
अलिक क्लिस्ट छ
सुचना आवाज फिजाँउन
उ व्यस्त छ, भन्दा हुन्छ
व्यस्त व्यस्त माहोल
अनी स्वत: स्फुर्त शब्द
शब्द शब्द समेटिइ
जानकारी जीवन्त


To get the translation of this poem above, please visit

Remarks: Ametya Ji has written this poem in Nepalese language and I'm so happy to read beautiful things about me and my blog. Thanks a lot Ametya Ji.

Ametya's weblog is all about the new concept that he has devised which he likes to call upon as “Journathor”

My another friend, who wants to introduce herself with a pseudo name "Webster Twelb" has written a beautiful poem for me.

The poem:

2 Palms Closed Together

She was upset,
Yes she was upset.
It was like
A war of unknown emotions.

I was tired of life,
Of love,
Of pain,
I am so full of the bad
I couldn't take it anymore.

What is going on
In the universe of
My mind?
I wanna be lifeless.
I don't want to breathe anymore.

I feel pain...

What can I gain from these?
Infinite suffering.

I contemplate.

In this infinite,
Empty universe,
I fly,

I don't want money.
Give me love,
I'll take it.
And erase all the hate in me.

Come to me
Sweet morning
Rays of the sun.
You are the good
That will take
This infinitesimal suffering.

Come closer,
Let me feel
Your touch in mine.
We're like,
2 palms closed together.

For my friend, Navin Lama of

src: here

Remarks: She created this poem from the meaningless jumble of words. The words that I've written out of nowhere when she asked me to give her some words and she did created something very meaningful poem out of it. It shows how creative she is. If you are excited to know what is her pseudo name all about, you've to kindly visit her blog:

My another friend Nisha who has not written a poem but a prose. Really inspiring.

NAVIN!.. i started liking his blog when he wrote an outstanding post on prashant, the Indian idol 3.he keeps updating posts on what everyone would rush to read.

To know about Nisha, here is her blog:

src: here

Remarks: Nisha has been deliberately tagging my blog on her pages. She is one of the unique friends with no selfishness but with a good heart. Nisha, you know what?, you really are a good person. Personally, I've felt that and I really appreciate your compliments. Thanks a lot.

My other friends who regularly drop their words on my blog are :











Of course, I don't want to miss




and my 'THANK YOU' list goes on and on.. All the commentators whose comments have become sort of testimonials and source of blogging fuel for me, I really thank them all by heart. If I missed out someones name, just let me know, I'll update the list ASAP.

My other hundreds of commentators whose comments have made my posts popular and right now being shown proudly under the "MOST VIEWED CONTENT" section of this blog which is just left-below of this post, it will be insane not to thank them. Thanks a lot for your words and compliments.

In fact, I want to thank them all, who showed up here.

AND, LASTLY, NOT MUCH OF AN IMPORTANCE THOUGH, Few of my friends wanted to see my pictures/videos:

Pictures: This Way
Video: That Way(don't take it seriously, just fooling around, I usually kill my boredom 'that way'..)

Thanks for reading
img src:


Navin said…
Just to say one more thing, I showed up on my own comment box:
Ummm.. if you've figured out, then it's fine, else, let me elaborate. "the above blogs, they are my favorite hangouts "

Have fun, guys
Webster Twelb said…
Isn't it great to have friends?

It definitely is. Friends are here through difficult and fun times. They're like a treasure that you cannot exchange for something material. They're like a collection that I can keep forever. I'm glad you are one of them.

Stay forever.

Thanks a lot Navin.

To everyone who comes to Navin's blog:
He is the nicest cutest blogger I have seen so far! Yay!

Navin, my account number is XxXXXXX..lmao.

C U around my friend.
Guest said…
ha ha ha....nice post;Anyway mero guff is unique in everyway again surprise when I open comment pop up windows show yr pic. Your way of writing is fascinated to readers because they learn at list something when they browse the pages of and keep it up……and best of luck.
Anonymous said…
I regularly visit your blog.
like ur energy .
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mention.
PRENA said…
Yayyy!I is sooo happy for you!
& you know I love your blog!
Nisha said…
Hi navin.. those lines really touched the deepest core of my heart.. am literally in tears and smiling too! you can say so full of emotions.. you called me unique etc.. those lines truly mean alot to me :)

I felt i hadnt done justice to your friendship after reading the two lines i posted about you.. but i know there will be a special post about you soon :)

I like to keep mentioning my friends names on my blog because they're the ones who motivate me to blog more and more.. they take out times to visit,comment.. i owe them alot! i owe you alot too!

thanks alot for gifting me this in advance.. with my birthday nearing ;)its a gift most cherished :)
Nisha said…
I forgot to mention that your blog is one of the top interesting blogs! I love visiting and i wish i could visit regularly if time permits me to.. keep it up :)
Navin said…
Hi, Webby, thanks for your wonder words.. I don't know how to answer to such a beautiful comments.
Navin said…
Thanks a lot Sameer bro :)
Navin said…
Hem bro, I really appreciate your comments , and thanks for your kind words.It Made my day
Navin said…
Prena, thankssssssss
Navin said…
Hey, Nisha, Happy birthday to you, and hope you'll have a wonderful celebration..

and I owe you toooo.:) my friend!! keep in touch
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot that i wrote a poem to that person(you) who do really feel what i have written...that the poem is just a feel of mine when i saw your blog.....but someone thought(such poem) something differently when i wrote a poem to him/ i deleted that...I just hate such person who see your admiration as CHAPLUSI..thanks a lot navin is not in the category of that....
Anonymous said…
I Love You...I Love You...I Love You..I Love You...I Love You..I Love You...I Love You...I Love You..Uf..Sorry,I can't go more long than this..I am a heart Patient...

Since the time I saw you, I wanted to tell this..Whatever you thought me a crazy or a sick person, I don't care abt that..I know only one thing that i am in love with you and this 14th feb is nice and proper time to express my feeling....I am too crazy abt you that even in my dream i use to see how to do conversion with you..You are making mad me..

"What can you do for me"
'I can't do anyhting for you'I.
"Can you marry with me ?"
'What ?? How do ?? You are a blog..wait..wait..wait..are you thinking that the whole stuff that i told just above is for you, huh Navin ji ??? I am sorry Navin ji, neither i am girl nor you are..the whole feeling is for your nice blog....I LOVE YOU "MERO GUFF" and ya happy valentine day for you too navin ji..oviously you are the author....N by the way thanks a lot to read such funny I LOVE YOU expression..I wish all reader do fall in love with your blog....
Navin said…
Ametya JI, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu alotttttt.


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