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What happens when people take Technology for Granted??

Feb 21, 2008 0 comments
As I predicted in one of my post at another blog of mine, some celebrity's career is doomed. Its quite unusual but speculations are at rise, " In America,SEX TAPES help your career", but in HongKong?? no way.

Some remarked it as 9/11 for HongKong Entertainment Industry. The effect of devastation is so immense that producers and companies are setting mind to ditch all those who were involved in public disclosure of sexual acts and scandal. The irony is most of them are HongKong's popular celebrities.

What happened was, one man's mistake caused an effect of parallel fall down of bricks all the way, compromising other's careers too. I'm talking about Edison Chen, who slept with almost all female celebrities of Hongkong and his photographs and videos of sexual activities got leaked. It got leaked because he took technology as granted. If you want to know about this story, click here to read.

Thank you for reading!!!

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