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A Day in Geeks' life

Mar 8, 2008 9 comments
Everything in Geeks' life and their SAMSARA(realm):

The following pictures are even more surprising:


PRENA said…
Omg! I love LOVE that pink fluffy one! So cute!

& the rest are funny, tara kati geeky hunu sakeko manche haru.
Navin said…
your choice is as cute as YOU. :) Prenu!!!
Deimos Tel`Arin said…
Just hilarious!

Thanks for sharing. ;)

I think I seen some before, but still bloody funny nonetheless. :D
dude i am the admin of

would be nice to exchange links

Navin said…
glad you guys liked it :)
keep smiling :)

hi, ColourMyHeartDotcom,
sure enough but I don't see any link page on your site

MangalMan said…
very funny pics.liked'em very much
MangalMan said…
very funny pics.liked'em very much
Navin said…
will post more, if you say soo.. eheh

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