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Digital Photo Frame

Mar 15, 2008 0 comments
Digital Photo Frame is much more dynamic and brilliant than conventional photo frame. You can have thousands of photos stored in memory card, have them display in regular intervals or customize them when to display or not. It's all upon you. You are the decision maker.

If you love taking pictures and tired of printing them and enclosing them inside normal photo frame, then you'd have noticed how much time and money it would take. If you want to put new photo on the frame, consider the manual effort and printing charge everytime you do so.

But, with this Digital Picture Frame, You don't even need to print. You can in fact just use that Memory Card of your Camera and display photos instantaneously in your Digital photo frame. You can use any memory cards that you've. Isn't that cool? Moreover, you can display Video with sounds too, and cool background music while photo slide show continues. With that said, it has built-in speakers too. You can have conventional wooden frame or any other frames too but what the most intriguing part is,it's total digital,time saver and money saver too. is an online store of digital photo frames where you can get almost all kinds of digital photo frames. From 7" photo frames to 15", they are all nicely listed on the site itself. You can select digital photo frame of your choice and purchase online with ease. It accepts major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Paypal is another option to make payment. On top of that, you've a choice to select upto 11 different currency formats to figure out the price based on your local market.

If you buy digital photo frame of upto 10 inch in size, you're eligible to get free 256 MB SD memory card. It's not like just 10 inch, but they've other sizes of frames available too. But to qualify for free 256 MB SD memory card, you've to at least buy 10 inch digital photo frame. If you are thinking 256 MB is too low for storing photos, think once, do you want more than 20,000 photos on Gigabytes of storage?? How would you handle such large amount of photos to display on your digital photo frame? But it's based upon your choice. For me, 256 MB is perfect and I don't want thousands of pictures to select and display from. If you want to have Gigabytes of MemoryCard, no problem either. It's quite flexible on that purpose. But if you want more storage, there is an option for ordering them from

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