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Get Free AD script !!!

Mar 7, 2008 18 comments
What does this Title really mean? Get Free AD script??? If you do care and peek at the top right corner of this very blog, you'd obviously see something swinging subtly. And, when you hover your mouse there, you'd see some information tucked inside it. Clicking on it would take you to some other external link. I'm giving you that AD for FREE.

What could be it's uses?
-If your blog is popular, you can get advertisers to sell that space for some money. You can rollover the ADs based on your preference.

-You can promote your own products there, since it's stylish and attention drawing.

-besides, you can use your brilliant ideas on what uses to put it for.

What is it's value?
I found somewhere on net that some people are selling it for over $200. But, is using this same AD and he's selling it for over $30 hard cash. is giving you the same AD free but without much control handed over to you. You can't customize anything there except waiting for some advertisers to bid for your Ad space.

So, with the AD script that I'm using on my this blog, you can customize everything. You can put upto 5 Ads on there and let it shuffle automatically. Right now, I'm using only one AD there as to encourage my visitors subscribe to my blog.

How do I get it for free??
I'm not asking big thing. Just subscribe to my blog and get your AD script for free.

What if I don't want your Subscription mail!!
Well, in that case, you can mark one as SPAM or JUNK, next time it'll go to JUNK/SPAM folder. It's better than canceling my subscription.

Why do you want us so badly to subscribe to your blog?
It's not just increasing the RSS readers. I've my own reasons and one of them being to show that I've circle of my friends and kind readers. Without readers count, my blog is as dead as an empty house. I know nearly 1000 visitors come and read my blog everyday but that's not going to help. So, this really helps any blog a lot. I really didn't understand when people bothered me to subscribe to their blogs but as soon as I realized the reasons and the potentials, I'm asking for that.. I'm doing same but not like others,asking it for free, in return I'm offering FREE AD SCRIPT which you could use at your blogs/sites.

Where do I download AD script from?
You don't need to download this AD script from anywhere. As soon as you subscribe to my blog using the link below:

Click here to Subscribe

I'll make sure that your email is verified by you and I'll send you the script right away to your mail box as an attachment. Eventually, due to some technical issues, if you couldn't get it, drop your mail on comment box below. And, I would send second time which in most cases should work.



Anonymous said…
yes,I've subscribed it abt 1/2 months ago..........But it is profit less because, rss comes too late in my inbox,till this I've already read that post.Then why should I suscribe it ??? When I don't have time to go thru ur blog, then I'll sucscribe it........otherwise what does it for ????? Just for PR or what ? and about offeer, it's nice that u've done some advertisment for ur rss feed..... anyway, do well...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this!

Navin, I noticed that you:
- Are using Blogger
- Have own domain name
- Still Blogger's comment system -_-
- Have own favicon

And your site's theme is so good, that I won't know it is a Blogger Blog!

Kinda like Android's Dungeon.

But your comment system gives you away! -_-

Ever considered using 3rd party commenting system?

Xacur @ Android's Dungeon

is using Intense Debate

for his comment system.

Give it a thought aye?

Cheers, mate. :D
iTech said…
hi , just Subscribed !!!
Navin said…
I sent mails with attachment to 11 new subscribers, if you've not gotten, then please mail me

and next mail to you would be for sure.
Anonymous said…
must subscribe in email? because I subscribed via Google Reader long time ago
Navin said…
Aakar bro, you are mistaking me. RSS is for those people who don't have time to check every blog/site every time. They subscribe to RSS. And, yeah, dude to some issues, my posts through RSS are getting to it's reader only after 4-5 hours which is surely late. But eventually, who don't check my blog, it would sync with my blog's content anyway but not always.

And, there is nothing to take/give with pagerank and I'm asking to subscribe to my blog, because, I want to have my own reader circle. That would bring them close to me. I now have nearly 1000 regular visitors a day but only few of them comment. I wished they all would drop some words and I could feel connection with my readers. But, that's not going to happen, I don't know why...

So, I threw this 'subscribe my RSS' topic.

And, thanks for your wish Aakar bro. Your articles on your blog are really interesting :) keep that up too :)
Navin said…
Hi Deimos,
thanks for this interesting info.

I should definitely check on those links.. which I'm doing now..

thanks for your comments.

but, you know,
I'm somewhat addicted to blogger's commenting system.

but I shall look upon your referral links too
Navin said…
Thanks iTech,
if you didn't get it, mail me at
Navin said…
hi Vickie,
that's the only way I could send you the AD script, don't you think so?? I need to send it to some email address after all..
and don't afraid of me sending spams. nah.. i"M not that sorta anyways.. I'm ur friend :)
If you subscribe via email,
buzz me at
Anonymous said…
Just Subscribed !!! Very nice work .
Anonymous said…
ahah okay.. then I will subscribe via email :D
Deimos Tel`Arin said…

Well, personally, I am not too fond of Blogger's commenting system myself.

Quite a hassle if you ask me. LOL

Anyway, you really should not ask folks to mark your emails as spam.

I had to search the spam folder to locate your email. -_-
Anonymous said…
hey navin.

just visited 2 say hello.

Navin said…
Thanks Problog,

Thanks Vickie,

Deimos, ehehe. okie pal. You are a good man. :)

Hi Divas, wassup . thanks for visiting :)

I sent the script to all those who subscribed to my RSS

but still I see some unverified emails there. They should check on junk mails to verify their mails.

Guest said…
oh!!! just i am checking the older post, what i had missed in those six days. i am also going to subscribed it!!!!
Navin said…
Hi Sameer bro, better late than never :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Navin, I have subscribed to your blog's rss at Nice way to increase subscribers count. I am waiting for my ad script bro.
Navin said…
Ghatozkat, I hope You got the script. Regards

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