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Mar 29, 2008 6 comments
Now and then you can hear reports about how people have got serious eye infections by wearing contact lenses, this can be very misleading since the risk of getting an eye infection by wearing contact lenses is minimal if you just use the proper instructions of handling your lenses.

Some basic tips that always should be followed are:

- Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses

- Clean your contact lenses carefully before putting them in their lens cleaning case

- Never use the lens cleaning case more then three months at the time and clean the case after every use

- Never use any other type of liquid then the lens solution your optometrist have recommended

- Never use contact lens when swimming

- Never change the type of contact lens without consulting with your optician before. For example switching from monthly disposables lenses to daily disposables.

Even though the quality of contact lenses always are improving, persons using one day disposable lenses are less likely to get an eye infection as a result of bad handling of the lenses.

Another thing to reflect over is that most contact lens wearers usually change their contacts in the bathroom even though this is the place where bacteria’s will most likely thrive.

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Anonymous said…
In my country, those optical retailer only know how to monitize from you. If you're newbie you should seek an opinion from doctor or retailer. I wear contact lens since 14 years old. I know what product suitable and which product is totally not suitable to my eyes. Sensitive huh!
Navin said…
wow, great!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Can i add something here?

Don't forget to choose a contact lens that contain (at least) 50% water in its composition..

why? Because the avascular cornea must obtain oxygen from the atmosphere.

Without oxygen from the air, corneal swelling will occur with resultant corneal clouding, decreased visual acuity, discomfort, and other long-term adverse effects.

And with (at least) 50% water, it can holds to 3 hours until you have to use the eyedrops to lubricate and rewet your lenses.

Navin said…
WOW, thanks a lot for this enlightenment. Tris

Who would know more than snazzy girl like you Tris?? have such knowledge flow on my blog.. please.. :)

I really appreciate your informative words here. I didn't know this before about lens.
Anonymous said…
Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …
Anonymous said…
Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.

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