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Why your blog is not making enough money even after using Google Adsense Ads

Mar 12, 2008 12 comments
These days, what people have is lots of ambition, desire to success but what they don't have is patience and smart effort. They try to find quick result out of their small effort which in most cases is a main reason for failure, failure to continue blogging and writing content.

If you want to make a living from your blog, then it's a great idea and it shows you are ready for a challenge. There are hundreds of mushrooming sites all over the net which guarantee you to teach how to make lots of money, within a day or say week or say month. They are nothing but white lie. Don't ever fall for them and end up paying some 100 dollars. In reality, making money from your blog takes time and effort of your part.

There are a few things that can make your task a little easier however. Google Adsense is one of those things for many. If you are curious about whether or not Google Adsense is right for your blog, take a look at these characteristics of their advertising program.

The first thing to consider when looking for a program like Google Adsense is their track record. You can rest assured that Adsense is the oldest program of its type. It has the largest base of publishers than any other program like it. Knowing this information, you can feel secure in becoming a member of their program. By using Adsense, you will know that you are in good hands of a company that certainly knows what they are doing.

Another thing to consider when signing up with an advertising program is the appearance of the program on your blog. You don’t want to sign up with a program that has annoying flashy ads that will scare people off from your site. Adsense provides ads that are mostly text. They have around 10 different sizes with various dimensions so you can place them in the most appropriate places on your blog, without sacrificing your content and overall site appearance. If there is an image advertisement run in your advertising space, it typically fills up the whole ad block and is less annoying than most.

One thing to remember when considering Google Adsense is that they have strict terms of service. While some may see them as being too restrictive, they are not abnormal by any means. Basically to be an approved Adsense member you must agree not to publish pornographic material or coversation on your blog. You need to keep it pretty family friendly. This is not a huge problem for most people. Also you are not allowed to change the Adsense code.

Another portion of the terms of service explains that those who agree also cannot specify keywords that ads will be pointed to. You pretty much surrender the choosing of the ads to Google when you agree with their terms. You may have control over the content of your blog, but they have control over the ad content. Lastly, if you work with the Adsense program, you must agree to have no more than three blocks of ads on one particular page. If you are looking for a program that also allows you to see which pages earn more for you than others, Adsense is a great fit. Some programs will not allow you to do this, so if you are interested in this option, Adsense is a great choice.

Again, Adsense is based on the context of your page. Whatever you allow on your page will have an effect over what type of ads are presented to your readers. Keep this in mind when you are posting on your blog. With Adsense you cannot afford to hide your main points within a bundle of text. You have to be clear and use defining vocabulary to ensure your ads will fit just right.

If you are a blogger who would love to get paid for referring others to a program like Google Adsense, then you will be glad to know that for each referral you have that signs up and earns $100, you will get $100 as well. This can be great for someone with many contacts or a blog building business. Overall, there are quite a few rules that you must agree to follow in order to become an Adsense publisher. The rules are not so restrictive so that you cannot make money. In fact, they are made so that the Google reputation is preserved and yours as well. By using an honest system such as Adsense, you will know that you are in the best possible position out there. You can make a bundle if you put in the time, so go ahead and check it out today.

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Anonymous said…
As you have changed the format of meroguff home page.So i m nt finding that kind of intrest that i used to found's my personel view..bcoz..only seeing recent post in short way one can't found what you want to say...u ve already told that this is easy to download even in dial up..though i liked the previous mero guff..rry for that..bcoz in this new mero guff we have to click here n there(so many times) to get what you have written..which gives anxiety to reader.
..I wrote above bcoz i love mero guff. If i don't then i would only admires you.
Webster Twelb said…
I would have to agree with Ametya. I wanted to look at your older post but I'm bother about the clicking and all stuff. you could at least make 3 post ..

Anyway, I didn't know I can make that much money out of referrals..i think i'll do that was thinking of recruiting jaden but well you know he's blog is idle for a while.

I hope I can do that soon...I was thinking about it a couple of days ago because of this post i'm really going to put one.
Anonymous said…
nice guff abt adsense but i've found many cases where goole adsense account is diseabled for the whole life..
Navin said…
Ametya Ji and Webby, I really listened to you guys and definitely changed couple of things again. Now, a paragraph of information will be available to read on front page whereas Images and videos will be available only upon clicking more links. And, I've changed the fonts so that it could be easy to read. Hope that helps somewhat.. Thanks a lot for your guy's comments..
Navin said…
Aakar bro, very true. Trying to increase earning with fraud clicks, script manipulations, etc are some of the causes of Adsense cancellation.
Anonymous said…
If we change the default script of google adsense and put in different places between the article, is it legal of not? Yes now meroguff’s template is looks better and easy for readers to read past article also.
Todays its look “wow it’s amazing” hahahahaha.
Navin said…
we are not allowed to change adsense script in any way which is against their TOS albeit there is no restriction where we put the Adsense on our post. 3 adsense ads within a page anywhere is your choice, bro.

Some web 2 blog templates won't accept plain adsense code, it that case, HTML2XML parser change the code to display AD correctly and according to Google, it's permissible and not against their rules. If you want to know about that parser, I've the link on my other blog

And, hey, thanks for your nice comments. I felt glad that I did manage to display the contents correctly, thanks once again bro :)
Anonymous said…
yeah, right.....we can't change google adsenes code but we can prase google ads,code and can put it on the post of blog where we like but not more than 3 ads per page.
Nisha said…
Hi navin.. firstly i would like to say that i love mero guff the way the author would love to have it:) infact i like the idea how you got all the posts together which allows me to read all the posts together and i dont mind clicking on the 'read more link' because its hardly takes times to load and then back gain for more posts!:) at first the readers would find it uneasy but they'll get used to it. am sure:)

Adsense!! oh my god.. theres so many restrictions!! but then also, its a part of my life too!! hehehe.. but do have any suggestions and advice for my blog? i dont mind anytime, ok..
Navin said…
Hi Nisha, thank you for your nice comments. and oh... Hi Nisha, thank you for your nice comments. and oh yeah.. I've not much to say on your blog, since it's already so beautiful blog :)
Nisha said…
Oh hahahaha.. that made me actually really know how to show some great sense of homour ha?;)

Thanks for the kinds comment too, navin:) but yet i dont mind anytime you feel anything doesnt go right with my blog, please advice ok?:) take care.. always.
Navin said…
Hi Nisha, sure enough, I'm in fact a really helpful guy in real life too(not blowing my trumphet.. eheh).
Someone I see pulling things in and out somewhere on the way or say havin hard time doing their job, " hello sir, may I help you?" .. the kind and sense of pleasing smile of that whoever person gives me the utmost peace and satisfaction to my soul. So, within my reach, if it's possible, I'll try to help my friends in a good way. :) You are always welcome..

and did you really think when I wrote you've a beautiful blog is a part of humor?? nope.. it's the truth.. ;)

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