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YouTube down in China

Mar 17, 2008 2 comments
As I was thinking, YouTube is blocked inside chinese territory. After the recent ongoing unrests in Lhasa,Tibet and different provinces of the country, the videos disclosing the chinese atrocities were spread like a wildfire all over the online media sharing sites. YouTube is at top for sharing videos and it exceeded over 9 billion viewing only in the month of January,2008. This massive online media broadcasting site is blocked due to it's top ranking reputation for online video viewing.

On top of that, chinese also manipulated search engines so that the search strings results would go to different sites. We also know, how hard for news reporter to get in Lhasa and collect news for now. This shows that they don't want world to know what's going on. I suspect that they might even shut down ISP all over the affected places in coming days.

Thank you for reading.


Webster Twelb said…
oOo...those Chinese..they're such experts on this things..
Navin said…
ha ha ha.. kindda :)

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