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Backlink is important: Thanks to them who linked back to my pages

Apr 6, 2008 5 comments
This past week, my article on blogger blogspot got maximum hits, my stat shows that. And, I'm really thankful to them whoever commented on that post and linked backed to it.

As I was notified, following friends blog linked directly to my post.
Have a life

And thanks a lot to Juvy for friendly tag here.

On top of that, hey, MAX(SiteHoppin)!! thanks buddy for your regular EC drop(whopping 32 EC drops). You are a top EC dropper.
and the EC dropper list goes in following way:

Kumo's "Toast,Egg and me"(30 EC drops)

Sameer's "Unique Log"(20 EC drops)

Deimos' EC drops)

MoneyMakerTimes(10 EC drops)

And, it's obscure that I got only 24 clicks through EC advert on whereas, my following friend on whose blog, my EC advert ran for 24 hours..gave me more unique visitors(45 visitors) than of


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Thank you for reading.


Webster Twelb said…
I still don't understand the ec drop things...hmmmn..
Deimos Tel`Arin said…
Thanks for the link love yo! ;)
Navin said…
Webby, you won't believe, it's not just EC drop and so, you'll meet great bloggers or people out there, really nice place to hangout to keep in touch with people..

Shaxx, thanks for your words and I'm glad you liked my post

Deimos, not a problem dude. :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the link. I appreciate it.
Navin said…
You're most welcome Marty

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