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Free Online Virus Scanners and Removers: When your Antivirus dies, these work like a charm

Apr 2, 2008 7 comments
Have you ever felt that your antivirus has deceived you?? All of a sudden your computer starts acting weird, your connection goes damn slow and moreover it feels like you should dump your PC.

Most people have misconception that when they install Antivirus and update it regularly with the latest virus definition files, they think they are at safe hand which is not. Besides computer virus, there are other things which are not actually that destructive but could steal your informations and eat up your valuable system resources. These new genre of problems are also known as spywares,worms,etc. With that written, you should also install good firewall and anti-spywares. So, Anti-Virus software,Anti-Spywares and Firewall, the combo of these three plus little smartness of your own should provide you foolproof protection. You've to be careful though that there are some rogue anti-spywares. Read reviews of the one that you're trying to get into your computer system.

Sometimes, I chuckle myself reading stuff like worm and virus actually infecting computer systems. There are lots of jokes where computer ignorant or newbie often gets confused and ends up thinking hook worm like creatures crawling inside the box. We are ought to think if it is human virus or computer virus and we're somewhat accustomed to it. Once we became a computer literate in the course of time, we don't really bother about it. But believe me, someone who is just learning computer stuff, you'll get the same response like they getting confused between real and computer one. Don't laugh at them.

Microsoft supported ActiveX to deploy web applications for enduser benefits but wrecked souls started creating bad programs, bad ActiveX and now, people without thinking what ActiveX originally made for, have a second thought "Gosh, don't enable your ActiveX blah blah blah" . To present scenario, they are correct. We've to be very smart dealing with these web applications but I shall also mention, the same ActiveX technology is helping millions of users to get their job done. So, ActiveX is not a virus as I'm often told by people. But bad ActiveX could bring enormous trouble.

Ooops, my tendency is always like I go offroad from the main topic. If you think your computer is infested with Virus,Worms and spywares, then, thinking to run an Antivirus software or other security softwares off your computer is not a good idea. They might not work at first place, even if they managed to work, they won't be able to remove any problems. So, what could be the next step? Either you hire some tech guy and pay them $60 an hour and clean your system. Or, you could try one more thing; try to clean your computer through Online Virus Scanner and Removal tools.

So far, there are abundance of FREE Scanner but very less Removal tools, I mean they just let you know that they've found this and that but won't delete it. I've managed to grab 3 of the Online Scanners and Removal Tools which should work in most cases,they are free and should detect the worms/virus and delete them as well.

BitDefender Online Scanner
BitDefender Online Scanner is an on-demand virus scanner which incorporates the award-winning BitDefender scanning engines. You can use it to scan your system's memory, all files and drives' boot sectors, and to automatically clean infected files.

Trend Micro HouseCall 6.5
It is an application for checking whether your computer has been infected by Viruses,spyware or other malware. It performs additional security checks and allows to remove detected infections.

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner 3.0.17

So these are the free online virus scanners and removers. And eventually, you shouldn't try loading these sites on Firefox. Try loading them on Internet Explorer since it has built in support for ActiveX. Oh yeah, ActiveX, you've to have ActiveX enabled and allowed. You've to actually download those applications and let them run off your system. Regardless of your system being fully infected, these scanners should be working flawlessly untouched by the virus on your system.

Eventually, if these sites are not working on your system or say on Vista Machines, you can try the following steps. But first, try following steps like 'clicking on the Accept button on top yellow bar when you type in these site address'.

-Load Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->Security Tab->select Internet->click Custom Level
-Please be sure to check that the following options are set.
Automatic Prompting for ActiveX controls: Enable
Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt
Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Prompt
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Prompt
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable
Run ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable
Automatic prompting for file downloads: Enable
Allow Web pages to use restricted protocols for active content: Prompt
Don't prompt for client certificate section when no certificates or only one
certificate exists: Enable

Setting those options should solve any security issues you might be encountering with Internet Explorer.

Last Important words: As soon as you finish doing this stuff, revert the settings back to your previous state. Follow this guide above and undo one by one once your job is done. Leaving these settings ON is a risky job.

Some spywares or worms might go undetected. The only step left is to deal with your computer manually and I urge you to hold back and get some nearest Tech Support. Because, mingling around with Registry and other internal core windows folder without knowing what you are doing could render your system useless.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Guest said…
thanks for sharing information about online virus removal.
one thing today i notice on your blog . Is google language translation is working fine? when i try this it show the error message of this


Sorry, this URL is invalid

Please choose from the following:

* Back to Language Tools
* See original page

is it problem in google web site on in your link.

Navin said…
Hi bro, thanks for your comment. Did you retry?? It's working fine here. I did check , translated it to German from Engligh and working perfectly.

Sometimes, translation service or say google happens to show error message momentarily. Retrying or restarting browser works mostly.

Anyway, thanks for your concern bro :) have a good time :)
Guest said…
may be one weak ago, i had check this google translation but that time also it shows same error like morning one, so i get confuse.
but you are right, now it is working form here also.
Navin said…
if you like it, you can view source of my page and, copy/paste it to yours :) easy..

secret told to you my friend :)
Anonymous said…
I hate spyware especially in thumbdrive 1. Always make me headache and cannot simply plug my thumbdrive on other pc
Anonymous said…
LOL... i got 316 viruses.
Just finished scanning my comp by BitDefender, my oh my... where these virus came from i don't know (^o^)

I should change my antivirus then...
Navin said…
Vickie, it's better we turn off USB autorun.. but, you've to be extra smart which plugging USB to other computers.. because, these days, USB drive can't do much without Autorun feature. Whatever, always scan your USB before running things or copying.. what do you say?

Trish, ha ha ha ha ah ah..Make your computer wear some condom.. or may be, your USB drive need some condom... plugging in wherever you find a port is not safe anymore.

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