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Hacks and tricks to bypass Rapidshare download limitations work no more

Apr 13, 2008 6 comments
I was sick and tired of Rapidshare download limits and it's nagging upload size limits. Rapidshare(acc to wiki) is a German owned one-click hosting pay and free-service(with limitations) website that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the Subscriptions of paying users. In simple term, Rapidshare is extremely extremely popular world's largest file-hosting site with millions of files stored on its servers.

I was downloading one of my favorite music off the net which was divided into 3 parts and as soon as I finished first part downloading, I was shown series of sentences informing the next upload is available in some next 98 minutes. This frustration has led many script kiddies to develop fake programs claiming they can break Rapidshare limitations and use it as premium paid users. If you come across such sites, never download such programs which claim that you could download stuffs off the rapidshare servers just like a paid user.

Albeit, you can trick rapidshare using different IPs, in most cases using some list of Proxy servers. You know what?? It's painfully slow downloading if it's one of a huge file you are trying. It's okie for some 5-10 Mb, but like 100 MB?? It's going to take forever even in high speed broadband connection because your are using Proxy servers. For now, it's the only way to cheat rapidshare that you are a fresh free user. As a free user, the upload limitation is 100 MB and also as soon as you've finished downloading 100 MB, wait another 100 minute for next download. No matter what tricks you apply, you can't download simultaneously(in parallel) as a free user.

These nagging limitation tempted me to buy their premium plan. I bought for 1 month plan paying some 11 USD(I spend over $14 for Californian Double-decker grilled chicken hamburger twice a week, I was being stingy enough to spend bucks online, I dunno why.. may be this 'FREE things on Internet' concept has so badly occupied our minds that we don't want to think differently, may be, I dunno what you guys have in your mind) using my paypal. I was given login details on next screen and I instantaneously hit 3 downloads in parallel and it was downloading using my maximum bandwidth speed. I was surprised that they've extremely fast download servers. They are not giving this access to high speed download servers to normal free users in my opinion. Along with that 1 Month plan, I got some 8000 points. After few searches, I found that If I had 10,000 points, I could use that for next extended 1 Month usage. Pretty cool. But, I can't share my Login details with my friends either(actually I wanted to but beforehand made sure searching their FAQ and they've clearly stated that they would close the account if it's used by many IPs) which is uncool thing.

If you are a free user and you've a file on their servers and if some 10,000 people download your file, you'll earn 10,000 points. And when you, as a free user, have that 10,000 points, you can have yourself a premium account. But, how would you get 10,000 people to download your file and help yourself earn 10,000 points. umm.. I would rather spend some bucks than waiting that long.

One thing that I didn't like about rapidshare is that their database is not searchable. I mean, you can't search other people's uploads and stuffs on rapidshare database. The first thing I was thinking as soon as I paid for their service was the some tools to search other rapidshare premium users content. But that's not going to happen because Rapidshare thinks it's respecting people's privacy. Whatever, I'm loving their service as a premium user.

I encourage people to buy and use their premium service rather than troubling their finger tips here and there for some useless tutorials on 'how to bypass rapidshare limitations'

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
Navin you're so frustrated about the download/upload limitation until purchase 1 month plan. For the points, means if you have more points, so you don't need to pay for the next month bill?

yeah this is the limitation of rapidshare which their database is not searchable but what to do? since there are many ppl uploaded their file on rapidshare.
Anonymous said…
You can search files in rapidshare which are indexed.
Anonymous said…
even i wanted to buy their premium services but i dont download much from rapidshare..
Anonymous said…
Yea they never worked for me. May be they used to work a long time back before rapidshare found out about them.
Navin said…
hem bro, thats okie bro, just in case you know, it's cheaper than I've imagined.

Ashish, if you buy the account, it'll work and it's a charm downloading on high speed net. That doesn't imply I'm imposing my views on yours. I respect yours too :)
Anonymous said…
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