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Nepal's Election of Constituent Assembly and SEX

Apr 6, 2008 7 comments
These days, issues on Election of Constituent Assembly in Nepal is heating up. It's only 3-4 days left for the election. Every ethnic group and people have demanded for equal rights and opportunities and this election is the only gateway to choose their own delegates for better ruling of the country.

If I'm not wrong then there are other groups than these ethnic groups and communities... like HomoSexuals and prostitutes. Homosexuals are very few in number and disclosure of their sexuality is often rare. Even though there are very few institutions working for them, due to lack of much legal support, things are not working as expected. Their demand is to have right to marry similar sex. Even though the law never permitted this, some of the homosexual couples managed to arrange such marriages backed by support from some human rights organizations. And, that later became cover stories on news paper and tabloids.

Gay marriage in Nepal

Prostitutes want to make selling their body as a legal business but Government doesn't want to have any brothels nearby the vicinity of public residences. Does that mean, it'll be always illegal to talk about these issues when country is marching towards brand new era? I dunno.

A night in Thamel

This is Kathmandu,Nepal, inside Night Clubs. These girls are the most abused and exploited one.

Most of the tourists heading to Nepal are mostly driven to Thamel, a small busy town in Kathmandu(Nepal) which is often tagged as small 'New York' just because, people never sleep there. Night is as active as day. In fact, the night in Thamel looks beautiful than day. Some stat has often shown that couple of foreigners visit this country just for different taste on sex. Curiosity to have sex with Nepalese girl drive them here and they end up in this very popular tourist spot called Thamel(ask anyone who have visited Nepal and ask them about Thamel, I bet 99% would know and share about their experience). I'm not trying to portray this specific tourist spot 'Thamel' as some sort of hidden brothel running. But my intention is to reveal truth. There are other places in Kathmandu other than Thamel, mostly notorious cabin restaurants. Primarily it was designed to attract family customers and for their privacy, Cabin restaurants evolved. But these days, cabin restaurant are seen differently. Sex-craving men often visit the places and waitresses out there gives blowjob or sex happily(for certain price) behind the curtain of the cabin. So, that's how most of the cabin restaurants work out there, may be not all of them, but they are looked upon that way, anyway. When police raid, it's girls who will be abused. So, there is no legal stuff to save and support them. I've often heard insider news that, once they are busted, they are sexed by those police and released without any bails. I must write, not all of them may be viced but again it's the same thing, Law!!
Erotic dance in late night restaurant dancebar of Kathmandu,Nepal

This finally would take the shape of complete strip downs and in some cases, they even perform live sex on the stage which I've never heard of even in Night Clubs of developed cities.

Now a days, I often heard that girls do naked dance on night clubs, just like some strip sex clubs in worlds' developed cities. There are massage parlors flourishing day and night because they also offer sex as second service. I've met couple of foreigners saying, 'Wow, the girl called Samjhana was fantastic. You should go ...parlor (thamel) and f**k her too'. It's his luck that he wasn't busted redhanded. Because, it's still illegal to involve in sex with a prostitute out there. So, the only way is to fix date with a girl at Thamel, fix the price, take her out to some lodge and do the late night business. Both parties are happy. But the heck of a problem is our government whose moral is based upon old values and social structure is constructed in a such a way that if the society find any girl is involved into prostitution, she wouldn't be treated well. (It's sort of taboo but the same officials/police officials take service of prostitutes, damn those hypocrites.) If her day is running bad, she'll be beaten to death. These things are really strange. Because, they've right to do in rightful manner. They've even raised their voice and formed procession to pass the law , the law to make their business legitimate. But things slated down. I never forget that incident when the prostitutes did naked procession in front of minister's cabin demanding stable lodge,food and job. Their accusations would make you open-eye. According to them, all the top ministers have slept with them. If they are doing things secretly, why on earth it is taking time to legalize this issue? It's good luck of those sinisters..i mean ministers that there is no cult developing like secret-video-record outbreak else, there would be abundance of internet videos passing here and there of those pathetic hypocritic rascals. We still are not in a stage to do things that way. Technically people are still unsound and they don't really care about people's stuff aggressively.

Government owned Television Network often televised that those girls are involved into prostitution under compulsion, due to their poverty and stuff like that. But, ask me, not all of them doing this due to poverty. Some rich girls love sex, and they sex with as many guys as they like. They sex for money and fun. Some girls(just like boys) are so obsessed with sex that they take sex as their part time fun job. No worries.

My only concern is that government should slowly accept the fact and legalize this issues with times. Sex is basic necessity of any living being. Suppression on sex business is the rise on sex-related crimes. Government should come out with scientific workarounds. They could force only above 18 to enter into such areas. They could designate certain area as red-light area. There should by Women's club and Men's club. I know, lots of women who are rich,divorced or widowed are often involved into such activities. They are not just open, they don't want to. There is social restrictions. But the reality is they want studs,part time playtoy when their relation with husband/boyfriend breaks in anyway. Usually they pay big bucks to deserving cocks. They find their sex partner by going to fancy big hotels and surprisingly good looking guys often lurk places like that for customer,mature customers. This is working and it will work unnoticed. It's just not given a legal name. Their demand is if it could work legally. If they are exploited or abused, there is no law to support them.

So, a country is moving towards a huge change, there voices should be equally heard in the course of time. For now, even if they wouldn't prioritize demands like this but they should do it in later time for sure. Everyone must be given equal rights, right to live their life their way. Safe sex, Safe business.

Thank you for reading.
If you found this article offending, I extremely beg your pardon. Please have your say and what you think on this (global) issue.


Amit said…
Navin Bro first it is necessary to stop people who go to Thamel specially targeting for bar dance and cabin resturant. So, such business will decrease slowely. These ppl who work on bar dance are working for their stomach not for fun.
I can still remember that day when I went to disco with my mate and meet a girl who used to work for attracking customer for disco. When I asked about her details about working there she told me that she was not there for fun but to make some money for her study after her SLC exam.
But they are not paid for being there. The only way to make money for them is to ask customer to buy some drinks and wine for them and share to profit. For eg: If we order wine at 300 Rs then they will get 50% of that amount like 150.....
Navin said…
You are right, majority of them are doing that in compulsion or due to their poverty.

I tried to write on behalf of them who wants to make it profession and in long run, if this law passed, it's going to be equally beneficial for them who thinks doing it under certain pressures.

It's better to have some law behind them instead of having nothing.

We know, prostitute won't be stopped even if we try but we must now think and come up with some other solutions, about protecting their selves and their rights.

I'm in no way endorsing prostitution but they too are human beings after all. Thinking that government will provide job them for now is rudimentary concept, it won't happen but at least, they can have some feelings of security. I can hope. This is my thought bro Amit.

Thanks for commenting
Anonymous said…
I m still virgin and don't know much more abt sex though trying to write articles abt sex and sex related persons and topics. Good to see that your opinions and articles are too nice, may be it's because of your experience in sex (?)

you made me laugh when i saw your comment like my thing is moderate but stamina is that site...ha..ha.. too hilarious and at the same time too right too..ya, it's stamina what make sex alive. PAKKRIDA is another term which makes the sex more nice and make the relation between two nice.

And, too asthonised to see that is it KTM ?? Since, i have never been to KTM and don't know what type of life is there but too shocked when i see that...anyway feeeling too nice to see your sex related topic. Keep writting...
Navin said…
Thanks Ametya Ji, and it's too astonishing for me that you've never been to KTM.
sajan gurung said…
The one with white shirt is Bhunika chake sunil pant sanga kantipur tv ma aune ho.
Khan K said…
Fair enough....'new era' ..'new thought' but you should work out on your english, if you are ever serious of ur profession. u r all over the place...with this sort of 'ratbag' english...u dun even had a outside chance...good luck... hope u would take it as a constructive criticism.
Navin said…
Khan K, reading your English just sort of gave me the rough idea of what kind of 'ratbag' English you are talking about. Please go check yourself on the mirror, then come back and comment. That was several years ago, I'm improved and improving now :D

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