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Why I stopped bodybuilding...

May 12, 2008 6 comments
I was physically attention drawing,had nice bicep heights,grabbed people's attention. I was chocolate. I had many friendly dates than my friend's. Courtesy goes to my effort put on bodybuilding but Why I stopped bodybuilding...

I could spend my quality time on learning than wasting time to build a detrimental impermanent physique. I do physical than gym workout these days.. Dunno, lost interest to build muscle. Reason is apparent, look the image above.


Anonymous said…
Hey, sorry to hear you have stopped working out. I can't say enough good things about how dedication in the gym translates to life as well. If you ever change your mind, and want to jump back into it, check out my new bodybuilding blog,

PS: That second pic of Arnold is a known Photoshop floating around the net. He is still in great shape!
waliz said…
hahaha...u sure dont want to look like the second pic..btw navin your blog navin lama is soo awsome! i lke it very much!
Mike said…
Hello! I look like the 2nd picture after I stopped working out. I don't do it no more either. Now I just walk and go on some bikes here to keep my heart going!
Navin said…
Hi Jason, thanks for your concern. Your blog about health looks convincing.. but I didn't find much info out there.. Is it the work-in-progress?? Hope to hear from you... You are right, Gym will help one to have healthy life but these steroids and show-off is taking the true sportsmanship to different side. But, Myan, this charm of body will never be the same.One day it'll be gone.. but I couldn't believe that our respected Governor Arnie still has the same figure.

Hi walizzzzzzzzz, thanks a lot for your nice comment. and glad that you liked my blog.

Mike, exactly.. you are doing a good thing.. Keep it up body. I do some yoga and physical in the morning to keep myself fit for whole day :)
Webster Twelb said…
i don't like seeing the Arnold S. picture...yuck!!
Navin said…
webby.. that yuckness is our future lol

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