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Easy way to Remote Connect Two Computers

Jul 2, 2008 11 comments
Networking two computers within a home is not a big deal but what about remote-controlling the same PCs within your home. I know, it is lots of hassles. By remote-controlling what I meant is controlling every UI(user interface) of second computer from the first one. In most cases, What you would end up doing is; setting up some sort of VNC server and client, lots of configuration and going through trials-and-errors and finally it seems working. Next reboot, it has got some problem.. phew..

If you are easy enough and big fan of Microsoft fan, may be you'd end up trying XP's Remote Assistance or Windows NetMeeting. There are still so many things you've to set by yourself to get things working. All those minor firewall issues and setting/acting up as server and letting other to join as guest/host.. phew.. big trouble again. I've seen this 'windows remote controlling' giving up at critical situation or may be it's beyond my understanding and right now complaining, whatever, it's lots of time and hassles normally.

Lemme give you a brief synopsis on what you are going to read. (I'm making up characters, don't be serious huh)

How about remote connecting two computer as easy as 1-2-3.

-Navin and Shakira, they are nice couple since so many years. Shakira usually gets computer problems and techjunkie Navin usually has to go to her place and fix it. The problems would be very minor and Navin usually wind up thinking 'shiittt.. i had to burn my gas this long to fix this petty issues'

Now, Navin calls Shakira, asks her to download one 1 MB software and instruct her to save it.

After a while...

-Next time Shakira gets problem, calls Navin and in return he asks her to run that 1 MB software she downloaded long ago. She runs it. The very next moment, Navin is remotely controlling Shakira's computer and fixing every issues off the hook.

There is nothing to be configured on Shakira's side, zero effort to put on from Shakira's part.

-----------End of the story-----------

1. What's the name of the software that Shakira downloaded and saved??
Well, She downloaded TeamViewerQS(customer Model) and ran it. Upon running the software, she got the screen like this below(Did you know the software doesn't need to install at all, its just click and run):

Did you notice that User ID and password, she took a note of it and passed it to Navin

2. And what did Navin used to connect to Shakira's PC??
He simply used the TeamViewer Full version;free for personal and non commercial use capable everything like chat/instant file transfer to and fro and more.

3. So, Shakira was running that software and here, Navin ran this TeamViewer Full. And, in Navin's Part, the screen looked something like this below:
He chose 'RUN' mode to stay away from installation hassles

On this next screen, he checked 'I accept..' and clicked Next

5. Then the next screen came up. This was the main screen.

Navin entered the user id(which he received from Shakira viz step 1 above) while selecting 'Remote Support' option, then clicked 'connect to partner' button

6. On the next screen, he was asked password.

He Entered the password which was sent to him by Shakira(check the step 1 above)

7. And this was the momentum. He was controlling virtually the next remote physical computer. Screen shows below:

Thereafter, it was a piece of cake for Navin to do his stuff.

The great feature of this Teamviewer is that one can actually chat in real time with the user on other side to discuss what's going on and if needed then there is realtime fast file transfer too. All free.

a. Chat Window. One can pull out this chat window by clicking that "EXTRA" on top links from Remote Window screen.

b. This is file transfer. Easy
Easy as 1(click for 'File Transfer')-2(local machine directory listing)-3(remote machine directory listing) and rest you can see 'SEND' and 'Receive' button, self explanatory

However, if you are a big companies and don't want to hang on with TeamViewer proprietary notice, you've to buy the commercial license. That will allow you to have your own logo and company name. Besides, you'll have multiple features than this free version. Some of them are like multiple client connections, unlimited hours of connections,privileged technical support etc.

What is TeamViewer?

It's German-based software company selling Remote-support software since 2005. I came to learn about this wonderful software ever since it expanded it's support for Windows Vista on Oct, 2007.

During the course of it's usage, I came to know that the free users are given some free 50 hours of connectivity. But in recent months, I didn't face any problems. Lately, I checked their site and within these few months, their customer base has skyrocketed. I'm truly amazed. They have their own protocols in use and they have enough routing servers to accelerate the connection in-between and minimize the effort to be put by consumers.

Since, it is doing great job, I actually wanted to pay them for what they are offering(I happened to try LOGMEIN, another remote-access company in this same category but I really didn't care to pay for it). I wrote them my requirements and after reading my mail, I got response from one of their team:

Dear Navin,

Thank you very much for your email. I cannot quite agree with you that our prices are exorbitant. If you compare our one-time fee of USD699 with your boss' monthly payment of USD300 you wil agree that our pricing is quite moderate.

Now to your special case: If you are not using TeamViewer for commercial purposes you do not need a license, i.e. you do not ned to shell out any of your hard-earned bucks.

Best regards,

Stefan Luksch

TeamViewer GmbH *

Stuttgarter Str. 159 * D-73066 Uhingen
Tel. +49 (0)7161 60692 50 * Fax +49 (0)7161 60692 79

Handelsregister Ulm HRB 534075 * Geschäftsführer Dr. Tilo Rossmanith

So, truly, their product is amazing. If you are a big company guy, reading this post, please note, I'm in no way doing affiliate marketing here, it's just my humble nature to make people aware of the best things happening and actually I recommend this to you. One time payment is what it all takes to initiate your customer support business.


Anonymous said…

First of all, I would like to compliment you on the style of the article, it was very easy to follow.

I will definitely try the product as we are using a MUCH more expensive solution today. Remote assistance is a huge tool in our toolbelt for helping customers. It's funny to see the reaction of people the first time you connect to their computer and see their mouse moving by itself! :)

Thank you for sharing, I am anxious to try this.


Anonymous said…
Great article Navin.
I loved the way you presented it.
I have stumbled it before anyone did.
Aakar said…
I've tried it.. it works... hehe... :)
Anonymous said…
Whoaaa... thanks for the instruction... now i can connect my computers to my working associates

,.-*'oo'*-.,_Chronicles of Trisna_,.-*'oo'*-.,
Nisha said…
Hi Navin.. network connecting is that easy?? hmmmm... where you get the software?
Nisha said…
Btw.. long time ago, i has subscribed to your blog through feedburner.. my email id starts with ss.. check it out:)

Please, do the same for me ya, i need that.. since i went missing for 40 days, all is going bad with me :)
MangalMan said…
Navin bro where r u check my comment in your personal blog.
Navin said…
techy bob, thanks a lot for your compliments :) SO, how was your experience with it. please share with us. Eventually, I access all my home computer stuff from my workplace.. or say from anywhere..

ghatozkat, thanks a lot for stumbling..

Aakar, I do only the selective posts and that really mean something :) keep visiting..

Thanks Trisna, that sounds it has been proved helpful to you..

Nisha, yeah, tthings are changing and becoming easy .. and what's going bad with you

Hi, MangalMan bro, I'll be right with you on my personal blog.
Yayavar said…
ok i tried the software twice with a couple my frens. worked very easily. i could manage their PCs from mine and vice versa. great software. but u know where the problem's the internet connection speed of nepal. with our bandwidth at 128kbps, it was really tiresome. anyway thanx for the blog. great software.
Navin said…
achilles!! it's the internet connection speed that matters the most when you are controlling computer remotely.

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