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World Wide Weird

Jul 25, 2008 10 comments
Some of the world wide weird things to share;

What happens when you give camera phone to your kids on their birthday

Smart photoshop gimmick

Bay of E-fraud

This is what blogging is all about..

Where to fit in 5 inch??


Nisha said…
Hi navin.. very amusing indeed!

Just want to say that you are missed badly at nishas world:)
Anonymous said…
"Ha ha. those were funny bro. Thanks for sharing." << Writing letters and shyt ya'll :D
Anonymous said…
nice and intresting navinn ji...ha..ha..After a long time i am laughing...great job done by you..nice...
Anonymous said…
hahaha....... very funny..
Anonymous said…
LOL! LOL! and LOL!
Anonymous said…
I like your blog and have subscribed too. Do keep it up. The world badly needs some laughter.
Navin said…
HI Nisha, thanks for your words.. I was so busy.. that I just got lost.. now, I'll try not to be lost..

Ashish bro, Ametya Ji, Aakar bro, Basanta bro, Shaxxx.. I'm really happy that you liked these contents..

rummuser, Sir, thanks for subscribing my blog. Definitely, I'll keep posting interesting content..
Anonymous said…
Hehe, yeah, good ones here, some bad misses too... "need to assemble Linux from scratch" destroyed perfectly good combo... Well, guess some people prefer to pay for shit rather than taking customizable tools for free... Oh well, maybe 2/3 were good ones, so still on plus side. ^^
Navin said…
sanz, thanks for your honest comment.

Guess what??
"I'm a PC."
have you seen that Ad??

Search on Google if not.

It is not necessary to build, it's better to pay for something already made.

Linux sucks big time for home use...

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