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Highway to speedy computing experience

Aug 17, 2008 2 comments
Unarguably, today's world is hooked up. Every computer that is sold gets connected to super information highway instantaneously. Gone are the days, when someone bought one and put it as a showcase putting not much into use except some gaming,office printing and stuff like that.

World is changing, everything is dynamic. Now, even small electronic devices are hooked up to vague network of information galaxy. GPS,gaming devices,cellphones are just the mere examples. Now, nothing is left disconnected.

Most people are still not happy with the ways how they are connected to this information highway. The war of Internet browsers and ever-speeding changing in Operating Systems, need for upgrades and the cost that it comes with while tackling these new things are hard to manage and sometimes, we've to live with it. Few weeks ago, I posted a video which is satirical on how rapidly a consumer has to face a computer upgrades. It's only consumer who suffers most. That was that point of that video post and indirectly advising consumers to be smart, not fall into such tricks.

Whatever, today I've come up with some tweak utilities that I researched for a week,tested it onto my computer and learned about it's efficacy. And, I'm surprisingly happy with the performance of these freewares. This post is the outcome of that.

The two main things are concerned when it's to connect to internet;your Operating system and Internet browsers.
(I'm a diehard fan of Microsoft Windows and I never needed a chance to look up into another OSes at all. One statistic shows Windows as a Operating system covers over 90% of the market share than the pathetically most bragged about other operating systems.)

Vista is gaining slow but steady reputation in Operating System Market and managed to grab Second Largest Operating System in Use after Windows XP. Sure enough, it's a good omen that Vista will be a number one very soon.

I'm using Vista Home Premium and it doesn't come with Group Policy Editing. Basically, to get things done, I had to do everything through Registry(which is not safe at all for any newbie). There are hundreds of Registry tweaks for Vista and it's almost same if you are familiar with XP's registry structure except few. But it's heck of time to figure out which settings does what and what are it's side effects. This was bit eerie unless I found this wonderful tool especially made for Vista. If you've used TweakXP for XP which integrates all the popular registry hacks for system performance, then, WinBubble v1.74 (Download WinBubble v1.74) is the galore of all the registry tweaks and hacks to improve the Windows Vista's performance and yes..exponentially.

This tweaking tool will take you to the next level of Windows Vista experience. If you've been hating Vista for all the rumors that people spread, you'll definitely be forced to change your perception.

You can learn about what this tool can do by visiting the authors blog here else the utility itself is easy to understand and self-explanatory to use.

Now, to talk about Internet Browser, latest incarnation of Firefox is the champion. Despite my support for Microsoft, I can't endorse Microsoft Internet Explorer as a good internet browser. The sluggishness and crash issues,ever growing vulnerabilities and some other weak keypoints are keeping me away from making it default browser in my system.

Firefox 3 wins in this case. Even if Firefox comes with all bells and whistles, it further needs tweaks to suit this browser to one's need. The 'about:config' doesn't give you any clue unless you know what you are doing. So, another excellent freeware to optimize Firefox comes in handy i.e FireTune v1.20 Freeware(Download it). You don't need to know any hacks or tweaks. Just fire up this tool, make some selections and the next Firefox restart will give you entirely new and blazing fast browsing experience.

These two tools are so easy to use that I didn't see much importance to write any walkthrough or How-to's on them. It's because even a 9-years could figure out what to do as soon as they see these two utilities running on their screen.

More on next time.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
I have been using Mac for some months now because i heard lot of good things about it.. mac has good simple interface but I can now say that Windows is the best OS . I am becoming bigger fan of Microsoft after using Mac.
Nisha said…
Hi navin.. got a special award for you at my blog.. its not a tag, its meant only for special friends:)

Come and take it please.. and hope you like it:)

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