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Thai Cuisine and Culinary service in Santa Cruz and Bay Area

Aug 3, 2008 0 comments
Besides fixing computer and networking issues as part-time work, I also do design web sites and stuff like that. Recently, I got so occupied with one project that I even forgot to respond those valued mails that I receive daily as compliments seeking my advice. I really get lost when it comes to track mails. It's now regular 20-30 emails(not spam) seeking some sort of my attention. I'm sorry if you're reading this message and I urge you not to feel ignored.

As usual, I'm deviating from the main topic. Talking about the recent project, It's all about Thai Cuisine and recipes. I had to finish this site as soon as possible. Therefore, contributing every few minutes after work, I managed to complete it today. I wouldn't call that job done at soonest. But anyway, it's completed.

When I came here, my taste buds were looking for typical hot and spicy food. Here, American foods are not so hot and even the hottest meal feels flat. That's why I usually took Mexican food to serve that purpose. But Thailand dishes, they are very hot,spicy and tasty. Almost identical to Nepalese food.

Chef Jeerawan (Jeerawan Srisathorn) expertise in Thai(food) Culinary and recipes. If anyone of you are living in Santa Cruz and bay area, you can definitely take a wonderful taste of her Thai culinary services. You can check her website:

I came to know that most people are fond of Thai cuisines and the numbers are growing day by day. Thai food is definitely worth a try if you've never had one before.

PS:-I'm eager to get comments on how this site is made.

Thank you for reading this post.


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