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Wipe your harddrive files permanently

Aug 23, 2008 0 comments
ND Data Wiper is one hellava light-weight but very efficient software to delete data permanently from windows. I've reviewed many softwares like this. This one is awesome addition to the list.

Give a try to this software. Select drive and scan it, you'll see zombie files that you thought were deleted. What the heck?

You know, this is really helpful if you are disposing your old computer and getting new one. Even if you format your old harddrive, with professional tools it's still possible for someone to take a peek onto your old files and stuffs.

Look at the screenshot above? It just found the files that were deleted permanently. Now, with this software you can actually delete them permanently in real. I don't want to limit you with this only piece of software, make sure to search for efficient tool in coming days, when you think of disposing your old computer and it's data for real. If that's a whole lotta hassles, destroy your working old harddrive. That's it.

One more thing to look out for, it's also a recovery tool. As soon as you scan for deleted files, it'll also give you the option to recover them. Just in case, you know? Check this image above, those are the deleted files on my computer and there is an option to restore and it worked.

I don't have any intuition to get rid of my computer for now but if I've, then definitely tools like this is my first option.

To my understanding, technically one can never delete things that's been written magnetically on the platters of the drive. What these tools all over the online claiming for deleting things permanently is nothing but a advertisement hype. The reality is it overwrites those sector with dump data leaving someone trying to recover with useless crap/garbled contents. So, this is how it works.

To download this full working software, click the link below:
Download NT Data Wiper

Thank you for reading.


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