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Assign or Change partition's Drive letter to C:

Sep 22, 2008 0 comments
I recently got barebone computer kits. I got CPU/Casing/RAM/MOBO and other stuffs. At first, It looked so screwed up. But after assembling some internal parts here and there, it finally looked like something. The first thing left to do was to load OS on that empty 500 gig Sata drive. Took that jumper out from the SATA DRIVE for full bandwidth and the I booted up with my OS copy CD.

Everything went through good as I was supposedly thinking. Installation of Operating system was done. Now, as I double-clicked 'my computer', I saw the listing of drive letters which I didn't really like. That was something like below:

C:Removal Storage drive
D:Removal Storage drive
E:Removal Storage drive
F:Removal Storage drive
G:CD Drive
H:Local Disk <---My Actual Harddrive where Windows was Installed.

Before I proceed with driver installation, I really needed to solve this issue. I tried to name my actual hard drive as C but that didn't happen. I needed to do that because I wanted to stay away from the hassles of my regular software installations looking for C: and popping up error dialog box messages.

To find what those removal drives really are for, I checked the system thoroughly, I found there was a separate bay for all kind of SD/MICRO SD,COMPACT FLASH I/II/IIMD/SMART MEDIA/xd/MMC/RS/MS PRO DUO slots in front of the casing. SO, those slots were taking C: drive letters and so.

I tried changing those letters as usual from Window's Disk Management but It wouldn't let me change that of the active partition. I was left with no hope. At first I thought hacking through registry but thought It might not work and what if it became waste of time. So, instead of fiddling around with the registry. I thought to re-installation of OS one more time.

BUT, this time, I needed to detach those cables of media card reader from the motherboard and hit the re-installation.

Everything went fine again and this time, it picked up the C: letter correctly without much of a hassles. So what, next up , I plugged in those left-out cables of Media card reader and Windows assigned them drive letters respectively.

Problem fixed, took 2 hours of my time.

Thank you for reading my post.


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