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Emily - Next Generation CG character DEMO

Sep 24, 2008 3 comments
Every time I read over-emphasized reviews on computer generated animations, I believed them. I believed what they said about it. They said career of hollywood stars would be at stake as massive use of CG character would replace them all. The gaming world would take next generation of breath-taking animation and gameplay, to some extent, that is true but whenever I watch those character animation on my brother's PS3 and XBOX360 gaming, I feel like they are no where close to what they've claimed or written before. I felt like some life-less zombie talking/walking and performing actions everytime I watched those gameplays. So, their claim on life-like character animation is baseless for me until I saw a demo video of Emily.

I agree that Movie Studios are taking great help of computer generated effects in movies but it's hard to believe that they'll replace the real actors. The gaming has taken a huge leap and it's nothing more than a visual enchantment. They still look lifeless to me no matter how much 3D Chip powers they use.

Talking about Emily, at first you gotta watch this video below to know what I'm trying to put focus on:

She's the product of the California based company called Image-Metrics. This name is not alien to me as I've seen this name keep flashing at the start every time I played some of the best 3D games available today on earth. That said, it's actively involved into creating those animations on games. But, I think they've come up with more advanced detail in facial expression and body movement of computer-generated characters. If you've just checked this video above, you wouldn't agree at first that it's not real. But reality is it's fake.

If you check their site, you'll be greeted with another life-like animation where you'd see how sophisticated and life-like the animation is. Super facial animation, simplified - That's what they've to say about their latest breathtaking character animation.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
Namaste, you have a nice blog. Please join
Anonymous said…
Good blog. But it should be needed for moderation.
Navin said…
Hi Nepali blog Awards, Namestey, I really liked your concept of awarding Nepalese bloggers. I would definitely be participating on your website very soon.

Hi Haseem, my blog is on constant moderation and I'm the moderator who moderates all the time. The constructive criticisms and apprehending comments that you are reading is because of me modering it else this blog would've been full of trash talks and hard stay for few secs. That's why I've to regularly weed out all those nasties. If I got you wrong, could you elaborate more in this term? thanks.

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