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Only solution for all your onlines worries

Sep 23, 2008 0 comments
I still remember the saying of my elders, "Good thing comes once in a blue moon." I don't know why I'm mentioning that old saying but to me, something has turned out to be so good to be true. That's the main reason and this post is all about that 'something'.

While the world has witnessed technological boom with unprecedented interconnectivity, we are also facing the challenge of keeping ownself safe and secure. With growing interconnectivity and wired networks around the globe, distrust and anger towards it is also ever-expanding. We can't deny that we've not read/heard about the news which stated someone lost all their credibilities of getting loans/opening bank accounts etc just because some cyber-criminals/blackhats stole their identity. Horror stories of stolen credit-cards and misuse of personal informations, unsolicited intrusion of systems in the wired world and obstruction of normal operation causing millions of dollars worth loss, ... these are some of the worst case scenarios when people engulfed technology as their friend and later turned out the worst.

I'm not here to convince you about negative aspect of technology and wired world. We must always be ready for the upcoming threats and well-prepared for it. As we walk out of the home and drive for work, at some point, we are also preparing ourselves for unseen and uncertain accidents. That's why we've airbags and seatbelts buckled up on our cars. If we are involved into online activities, we must be prepared for it. You MUST train yourself how to keep your computer safe and sound. How to avoid the infiltration of malwares and virus? What's cooking up below your nose when you are working online? You've to be aware of all these things and this is not every John and Jack could do.

When you buy a computer, it's vulnerable to many online threats as soon as it gets connected to Internet unless the system is well protected. And, we all are aware of how much we've to pay for these security softwares. These online security companies are making lots of profit from people's inability to protect themselves from online threats. And more, when they don't keep up with their claims. Have you recently faced problems after installing those paid antivirus and antispywares?? Sometimes, I think they do it intentionally to keep feeding up their tech-support department, flood of problems to be heard and pretending to solve them.

That's what these companies are doing. Just my assumption which could be truth. Lets come out of these bloody distasteful experiences. Let's talk about the 'Ray of hope'. I'm talking about COMODO online security products. I'm not endorsing any of their products.

I'm driven by true ethic of blogging and thereby writing realities. I've been using comodo firewall since a year. I read it's intro review on some tech magazine outlets. I've tested many softwares that way, used them and forgotten. But COMODO left a big impression. It's damn efficient, productive and it's far better than the paid softwares. Moreover, It was and is FREE product. When I read about why it's free and how they're benefited, they had their whole press statement published on their website and pretty much convinced me 99.99 percent. Since then, I'm using many of their products and referring as well through my past blog posts and words of mouth. Why not do that if it saves you from online troubles?

I also work as parttime tech support guy. Believe me, to my experience lots of problematic computer issues got solved after uninstalling the worthless over-hyped security softwares and after installing COMODO products, it's gone. It snatches the sneakiest threats crawling the world wide web. Did you know, black-hats always scans web for unsecure systems? If you're not behind firewall, you're doomed. Comodo has wide array of free protection softwares for your computer. Try it and thank me. Here is the link

Personally, I urge you to use COMODO FIREWALL PRO.

As I wondered why they are giving it for FREE, they wrote ; to create 'TRUSTED ONLINE WORLD'. It's their venture to create TRUST ONLINE and now have become their motto. As I mentioned earlier, people are loosing trust when they are online. They are always on constant fear of loosing something. COMODO's main motto is to minimize that fear and help build the most secured world wide web. Big network attacks primarily initiated from the use of a personal computer, propagation of malwares/bad scripts originated from personal computers. If we could secure the personal computers first, 60% of 'keeping web safe' effort is accomplished.

If you are more interested, you can read their latest manifesto on their website. I'm truly amazed with what they've to say.

Definitely, you'd like to know who is the mastermind behind COMODO. Check this link to find out. He's a brilliant mind at work.

Thank you for reading my post.


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