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Powerful and Free online Photo-editing application

Sep 10, 2008 0 comments
Google is so right about Internet slowly being the massive collection of web application. Take this for example, Image Editing. We can't do much without Image Editing in our computers. Every here and there, we try to retouch our photos that we took from our possessed digital cameras or say mobile cam phones. Forget Photoshop for now, lets give a try on

Don't be fooled with that 'hand' cursor when you don't see it on 'picnik'. It's my windows cursor ;)

This thing is the vibrant example of what visionary internet Giant like Google has been mentioning all the time. is all about editing your photos online without any need for third-party photo softwares like photoshop etc. If you've been wondering what is web application all about, then try 'picnik' and you'll get what it is.

This site doesn't require you to register. If you are in a hurry and not bothered to give away your email address to register and then use their service, this site will let you do your business right away. It is quick, it's innovative and it's productive.

I'm compelled to write this post when one of my client was so amazed to see that her photo was retouched sooo fine without any photo-editing software on her computer. It surprised her even more when she learned that this was actually done by online thingy. After witnessing her zeal, I thought to write a post about this, hope this neglected portion of what I've been using could be useful or say surprising for others.

People still think internet is only about email and information. Common folk, wake up, where are you?? helllloooooooooooooo.. wake uppppppppp..

This 'picnik' is unbelievably easy to use, play with it and you'll be cussing why you've been ignorant of things like this.

Though, there are few features only limited to paid users. You gotta be there to learn about it. But for all other purposes, it suffice our need without the need for spending a penny.

Thank you for reading my post.


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