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Bad Economy

Oct 31, 2008 7 comments
These past few days, news are not that good enough to read that's popping up in my inbox. It really shook me when Google sent me an email stating that their overall Ad marketing business is not doing good whatsoever. We know, it's the bad economy to blame, stock market not doing good and lots of other bad news which is gradually affecting the entire world's economy. To be specific on my regard, I figured out why my adsense click rates are not earning as much as it used to. Because, advertisers are not making money to spend on their Ads. So.. Whatever, they assured with the new ideas to be implemented pretty soon. Hence, I'm waiting for that.

I used to hang that small social network widget for bloggers on my blog's right hand sidebar. It was Blogrush widget. It pretty much brought some interested readers on my blog.But they recently sent me an email stating that they are shutting down their service. To my dismay, they've written something like as if they've not earned any bucks out of their service. Actually, their service was free and I don't understand why they didn't sell their service to some other big companies during their hard times. Since, everyone is getting bailed out. So, sadly I had to take out their dummy widget code out of my template.

I had to take out another advertiser networks called and off my blog. It was sitting on my navigation top bar with some too good to be true name like "FREE MAGAZINE". They didn't pay me in time. So, they got weeded out. If you are doing business with them, you'll have hard time getting your due. They are vague, they don't show you how much earnings you are generating. They just let you know and that I didn't like from the beginning. I know JohnChow and other bloggers have reviewed their service for some hundreds bucks but believe me they don't deserve your effort. So, I'm not hitting hard on them but being honest, don't do business with and People out there are good enough to correspondence with, it's just their policy which sucks bigtime. They will shut down pretty soon. Now, You'll see 'MY YOUTUBE' link instead on the very link on the TOP Navigational Link of this blog.

On the contrary, I got a mail telling me that my blog was reviewed. They ranked me good. It was like a week ago. I signed up with them and was monitoring if it was some link-exchange hoax or what. But after a week, I checked back and my blog rank was still the same. So, thought, it's not a hoax and found they have actually listed and reviewed lots of good blogs out there. If you see at the top right sidebar, you'll see how my blog is ranked. I think it's from some service called Oh yeah, I'm blogged. ;)

Rest I got paid for my reviews. To be true, it was actually late payment too. But whatever, I got paid.

Economy is soooo bad, that slowly it's showing it's global effect. The political campaigns from both democrat and republican are nearing towards the end. As an independent bystanders, after lots of patience, I'm jumping for Obama. He's got clear-cut plans for middle class families. Under his plan,
- he won't tax any family earning less than $2,00,000. McCain would tax $500 straight from each of you household members. So, if I vote Obama, I'll get no $500 tax.
- he will start working from low income group. He wants to comfort low income first and give many benefits to help them during this crisis. Lowering mortgage loan rates,fair health care plans, tax cuts etc are his obvious agendas. Eventually, he believes that the purchasing power will increase and big companies would in long run gets strong in the business too. I one hundred percent agree with his ideology. Whereas, McCain wants to ease big corporations and rich groups first. He thinks if big companies and riches have enough money, they will create jobs and provide good payouts. I don't think so, and this logic doesn't work at all.
- one of the good things he talked about is energy independence. He actually wants to create another source of Energy in this country cutting Oil dependence over Arab countries. Which means, he'll bring next alternative energy and built vehicles based on them. He's talking about BioFuel. Time will show what happens but he's focused on this issues. McCain wants to spend money on Petrol/Oil.
-Obama's plan will help student group too. He says, he is going to work for students benefits. Making every student to study his subject of interest without fearing about exorbitant fees and stuff like that. It's definitely plus points.
-and there are more good issues that he had talked about.

Some of you might think this doesn't concern but overall, it has the global impact. I've once read on some blogs written by Indian blogger who bragged that India's economy is not going to be bogged down because of American's Economy Crisis but these days, what I'm reading is opposite stories. Prolific economists in India are much worried about their economy because of never-seen-before crisis in America's Economy. I can't write all the reasons here about why and how, but that's the clear point which if interest you then could research on Google.

Right now, the only ray of hope is Obama. Even if you don't live in USA, tell your family who lives in USA to vote for Obama, I politely urge you guys. This guy,OBAMA, is going to work on our behalf. Lets vote him. I'm seek and tired of not seeing that America which my grandmother talked about in 80's and which my relatives bragged about during 90's. I came here when things were so bad, and now it's so worst. I hope you understood what my point is.

Don't take it politically, be wise, we're still friends, no matter what.

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous said…
guess what obama is "obama hussian barek"
Navin said…
Yeap, that is not much of a concern though
Anonymous said…
First things first, congratulations to you on the historic Obama win. I was on his side too.

Navin, I don't think you needed to be this hard on RevResponse. They have paid me in time and I guess you had to suffer the delay due to some technical glitches. Here's the payment proof of revresponse that I have posted on my blog. I guess you would want to take a look at it.

Navin, do you remember me? I subscribed to your blog long time back when you had the peel away script give away contest. I used to run then. I got the peel away script and used it on my old blog, thanks to you. I am planning to use it on the new one too. I also had exchanged links with you back then. Few days ago, I saw the link to my old blog still hanging on your blog's sidebar. I didn't ask you to remove it because I wanted to write you about exchanging links with my new blog. I have kept your link on my new blog's homepage and given it a dofollow, I hope you would do the same for my new blog I have used "Mero Guff" as anchor text for your link. Contact me if you want it changed. I would like my anchor text to be "Some Useful Info on Making Money Online" if you think it's not long. :-)

Note: My blogroll appears on my homepage only.

This comment is already getting long, I guess you won't shout at me for not using the contact form instead. :-)

Chirayu Raj Lohani aka Ghatozkat
Navin said…
Hello Ghatozkat,
I updated your link on my blog's link section.

Thanks for your comment :)
Skydweller said…
Navin, It seems that you have had hard times with those advertiser networks. But there is nothing like fake or unrewarding in the online money making world as i believe. So strive on and you will surely make out the most from them.

Navin I had contacted you via email but you didn't response. I am an aspiring blogger who just started a blog some 2 months ago. Navin I would like to exchange links with you. I have already put you link on my blogroll. So please consider linking me back.

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Navin said…
Hi skydweller, it's actually not 'those', it's one company 'revresponse' with 'tradepub', and they are useless for me. Besides, I'm making money doing nothing except blogging about the things that I love. When you wrote about the ' money making world..', I had to write this way.
Instinctively, I put honest review, that's how I felt, and I wrote about them. I get regular payment from other networks. Google pays me lil high than other networks. But revresponse, for some reasons , didn't work at all. and, I'm not gonna try next time. This is my honest review.
Never mind,
and it's good that it's working for you. Right on.
Anonymous said…
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