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How would I look if I were born back in those days??

Oct 13, 2008 8 comments
Have you ever imagined how would you look like if you were born in those old days? Lets try to make some assumptions. If I were born on those times, most probably, I would be looking like some of these pictures below. Check it out.

Well, that's all me.

And, in 2008, I look like this below:

Actually, all those images above are sourced from this picture from 2008.

So, if you want to check how would you look like then, check this site:

Have fun. Show me yours.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
nice blog indeed
Anonymous said…
haha very funny. i should also try this one.
Anonymous said…
but the link is not working ...
Navin said…
pictures, thanks for your comment

Shrawan, you need Adobe FLASH Player to get going.
Download Adobe Flash Player, install it, restart the browser and try the link once again. Best of Luck. Show me your transformations.. :)
Anonymous said…
thought it was one of your photoshop tricks well it is cool anyways...........ummm i'll try soon and post
Navin said…
lopsang, you can follow the link. it's easy. and this is not the photoshop trick that i did..
Anonymous said…
hehehe... you look good with that old year book template edits...
Navin said…
Trisna ! Tanks !! ehehe..

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