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Halloween 2008 in Downtown Santa Cruz , California

Nov 2, 2008 2 comments
Last Friday, it was Halloween day of the year 2008. I worked whole day but I could see people roaming on Downtown Santa Cruz with weird costumes on. It was quite fascinating to see this weird culture. I punched out early than usual because my boss wanted me to see how this festival goes. I got back to home, took my Panasonic FZ28 camera and rushed back to Downtown. People were coming, marching together with very absurd looking costumes. It got dark sooner than I expected. I was worried if the pictures would come good enough on that night's low light condition.

As night grew, it started to drizzle and then abruptly started raining. One thing to notice, this Halloween, I didn't feel that cold than last year's even if it was raining.

Later on, I took shelter under the hood of nearby-shop and started taking people's picture and video footages. I enjoyed watching them and shooting at the same time.

I compiled the following movie of that day which is roughly 35 minutes of video. You'll see how Halloween is on Santa Cruz, California. This video is High-def but after I converted it to streaming format, quality is slightly nominal than the one in my harddrive.

There was no fun if photos wouldn't have been taken(I was actually worried because it was raining and not really in a mood to take camera out but..). So I took bunch of pics without caring much. Those people,standing there in front of my camera, were kind enough to let me take their pictures.

The followings are the pictures of that day. All of these pictures depict something and the personality within the costumes. Photo tells you a lots of things. Hope you'll enjoy these pictures.(Click on image for enlarged version)

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
so any chance i could get some of that footage at 27:20 and 28:10?
Navin said…
sure, how do I reach you.. so that I could send you the download link of that video segment.

you can mail me @ navinyolmo(at)gmail(dot)com

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