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Top Bollywood Actors Turned Bloggers

Nov 26, 2008 0 comments
This post is about bollywood actors turned bloggers. For all bollywood fans and bloggers, it's a good news and techy way to keep in touch with their favorite actors. No matter if they respond or not, but one thing is sure they'll read their fans words. I personally never had cravings for autographs and stuffs like that, but seeing these actors turned into bloggers, couldn't wait but to write about them.

Let's start with

1. Aamir Khan's blog: This blog is all about Aamir Khan's personal ramblings. It's pretty interesting to read what's going on his world. You'll be greeted with his masculine gangsta physique pose with two links down right. Chat is not working when I tested cos it took forever to connect whereas his blog is simply neat. Not recently updated though.

2. Salman Khan's blog: This blog is not all about only Salman Khan but definitely it's authored by him. Erratically, this blog has strange name '10 ka Dum' which I think is some sort of Television program that he's anchored. It's centered around the program and lil bit of himself. It's hosted on blogspot. Not recently updated.

3. Amitabh Bacchan's blog: This blog is very nicely designed and updated frequently. You'll be welcomed by his mesmerizing smile at first visit to his blog along with the chronologically listed blog titles which is very alluring to read on. This blog reflects the very personal side of this greatest bollywood star ever born. It's fun and exciting to read his words.

As for other actors like Sharukh Khan,Hritik Roshan etc. they don't have any intention to fall into blogging world for now.

Thank you for reading my words.


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