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India blames Google Earth for Mumbai Attack

Dec 10, 2008 4 comments
This morning I read a bizarre news. Indian Court passed a statement to ban Google Earth. The sole reason being it's use by those terrorists who masterminded the plot of mumbai attack which killed more than 180 innocent lives and leaving hundreds wounded.

I remembered similar incidents related with my country during Maoist Insurgency when Nepalese Government then banned the use of pressure cookers and cordless phones. Again, the reason being it's use by the rebels for ill purposes. Pressure cookers were used for making bombs and cordless phones were used for communication.

As stupid as it sounds, the silicon giants India bans Technology Backbone for a reason which is not only baseless but hypocritical. Their incapable intel is to blame for all these massacres that took place rather than pointing fingers at the mediums being used.

I agree that some sensitive maps are to be dealt in a way that it's not publicly available rather than cursing/banning technology. I've sympathy to those families whose near & dear died during that incident.

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Thank you for reading my post.


Aakar said…
इन्डियन को छोटो बुद्धि !
त्यत्रा हतियार, गोला बारुद भित्र्याउँदा थाहा पाउँदैन र ?
deck said…
Yeah, this is a pretty stupid ban. The terrorists used boats to travel to Mumbai, right? Ban boats! Did they use cell phones to communicate with each other? Ban cell phones! As you said, the Indian authorities had poor intel period and are just casting around for someone to blame.
Navin said…
wankongyew, they lost their mind. it happens during accidents. it takes time to recover.. let's wish they don't step on wrong moves which looks pretty imminent.

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