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Internet Outage!!! Do we have choices??

Dec 22, 2008 0 comments
Believe it or not, india, Egypt and many of other middle-east countries were having internet outage. What the heck is internet outage? just like power outage when big ISPs are not being able to deliver it's internet services to it's clients for some unknown reasons, then it's Internet outage.

I wasn't sure that internet line was traversing under water till the news came which said that due to some undersea fibre-optic cable cut that occurred in the Mediterranean caused huge internet blackout(outage) all across India,Egypt and some other middle east countries.

Now it said that it has caused huge business loss during these two days to figure out what was the problem, esp to those companies whose business backbone totally depended on Internet Infrastructure.

Then, I started imagining, Gosh,.. that was a real terrific incidents. That incident showed us the glimpse of what could happen if we don't have alternatives, havoc it could create.

In my locale, VOIP companies are urging people to stop using their regular landlines and get into business with VOIP services at far lesser fees. Few days ago, I read in a weekly paper that many of real businesses accused internet for loss, they even wrote 'Internet Killed Music'(We all know how). Internet, now a days, is a quickest means of communication and delivering news. Many of the Newspaper publishers are in the verge of closing. One survey showed majority of the readers are tempting to read news online than on papers. There is a hype of 'Go Green' these days. Who would want mother Earth to suffer, cut those trees to get those paper out? Nobody wants that. Not even me. Whether it is the sole reason or not, but one thing is sure, Internet is prompt and people like that. (forget about 'recycle' blabbering for now)

Halt!!!! Internet Dies(God forbid if that ever happens). No phone,No communication, No business, No Conference, No meetings, No nothing.. Everything is stagnant, time seemed like stopped just like in movies. We don't even need to have virus epidemic like in movies to show world's dooms day. The state of being in 'Out of communication' is enough for that.

Do we have any other alternatives?

Thank you for reading my post.


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