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YouTube in coming days

Dec 4, 2008 2 comments
YouTube, world's largest video sharing network has been going through lots of changes these days.

They rocked the world with their first ever live streamed video concert over the internet on Nov 22nd,2008. I was interestingly watching their 'YouTube' LIVE stream and it was more than fabulous. It was happening right here in San Francisco and whole world were watching them. It was something least for me.

Then, they came up with Widescreen format for their all videos. That shows they are engulfing the latest 16:9 technology. Today, there are great widescreen hi-def 1080p video camera available under 150 bucks and with this, it's sure enough that Youtube would be flooded with videos of this format. In fact, it's better than old format. Soon after that, they announced they are going to upload/allow full-length movies in youtube which is awesome. There will be no more 9 or 10 minutes restriction for videos uploaded.

Now, they are real strict about weeding out all those nasty and sexually provocative videos off their network. So, if you've been watching clip-cuts of porn videos, expect them no more. If you have been frustrated of deceptive video titles(like SEXY in a video title to increase the view hits), expect it no more too. And for those cleverish thumbnail tricks where you see a sexy lady in video still but later to be found some jerks bragging about some political stuffs or about their own life, they'll be permanently banned or reach account termination.

Sexually arousing videos will be dropped from the 'most viewed' videos or 'Top favored' stuffs as well making YouTube a friendly family oriented network rather than some group of people still thinking YouTube as a great place to peep on butt-shaking stupid girls.

Thank you reading my post.


Aakar said…
Full lenght movie can be downloaded from Google Video.
Navin said…
which is illegal..

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