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Content Aware Image resizing

Feb 12, 2009 1 comments
Content Aware Image resizing using a freeware tool called Seam Carving GUI . I've read that latest photoshop has incorporated this feature within application.

This concept is developed by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir, and now being used in most of the Graphic applications.

The main purpose of this tool is to resize the part of the image without hindering the overall aspect ratio.

I used the picture of my class fellows and removed my teacher Peggy(sorry teacher) from the scene. The application works great on images with plain background.

I tried it on an image with irregular background and it's algorithm is almost perfect.

This software called 'Seam Carving GUI' runs independently and doesn't even need to install. Just extract and run off the folder, open any image file, mark the area that you want to remove, click remove and see how this tool removes the area without much affecting the remaining aspect ratio of the image. Pretty nifty tools for image manipulator out there.

Download it from here.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
its a very handy tool for lazy people like me to open photoshop and do this stuff, thanks for the update.

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