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Gmail adds "Undo" Option for any mail sent

Mar 21, 2009 3 comments
I don't make much mistakes but I've seen people cussing themselves like 'darn it', 'Oh shit!!!', 'What the f** did I do", .. these are some of the common phrases that you must have heard once in a while when they make mistakes. When it comes to sending emails, I thoroughly check twice before hitting 'SEND' buttons. Lots of people don't do. For them, here's the life saver feature that Google has recently added to it's Gmail. It's 'Undo' feature.

It's not activated by default. First, activate it.
- Check out the top most area in Gmail after logged in, click 'Settings', click 'Labs' and enable the 'Undo' feature. (click the image below to see how it looks)

Once activated, sign out, sign in. Voila, the 'Undo' option will be right there as soon as we send emails.

I tried to send dummy email..welllll.. to myself.

As soon as I clicked 'SEND' button, I saw 'Undo' link. Cheers!!!!! I clicked the 'Undo'.
And, my sending has been undone.It then took me to a 'compose mail' screen from where I disposed the mail simply clicking the 'discard' button.

Took a deep breathe, sipped in luke-warm red clover tea and felt glad to have this feature On.

Thank you for reading my post.


Nisha said…
That's great info.. it happened to me once or twice, when i had regretted sending mail once i hit, send! i think its going to be very useful for ppl like me.. hehe..

Have a nice day Navin :)
Saksham Ghimire said…
Okay, nice one there !

This means that gmail will pause a while before actually dispatching those emails.

hmm.. interesting..
Jyoti said…
Its a very good news, I like it as well.

thank you navin.

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