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How to spoil a nicely done photo

Mar 13, 2009 0 comments
It's been a while that I've not posted anything under my blog's fun category. So, here it goes. These shots are obnoxious in a sense, something turns a normal looking snaps into subject of laugh stock.


This one is for ladies craving for some bendover

1,2,3,4 and


where the hell did mr islander come from

whatta contrast!!! one is sunbathing almost naked and other one taking dip with clothes on???huh

Some spontaneous smiles are scary like shit...proof?? look at the third girl in a row and mr. smiley(must be thinking himself Mr Tom Cruise giving such a laugh)

Future and Present: Saga of every woman's Vaginal Itch ..

well, that's a cute face..ummm

beware of jerk like this,..

here comes the winner

Don't you think somebody just poked something in that SOB's ass


Thank you for reading my post.


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