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Pornography kills human feelings

Mar 3, 2009 0 comments
A recent study has shown that more and more underage are exposing themselves towards online porn. With the proliferation of online porn websites, now even a small kid as young as 8-9 years can access them anytime, anywhere easily doesn't matter if he/she has any idea of sex. Their curious nature could put them into risk or might jeopardize their health and future in some cases. Everyone who has advocated for sex education and somehow didn't care much about parental software/Guidance to implement inside their house, now is the time to buckle up and think seriously to prevent their immature kids getting into porn viewing.

These kids who frequently visited porn sites tend to develop a sort of non-human feelings eventually; they take women as sex objects and men as sex toys. Lots of these porn websites are broadcasting unethical and socially disturbing and unacceptable sexual practices. Negative sexual attitude and unhealthy sexual behavior could be the outcome which could be psychologically destructive as well as any conduct associated could risk his/her future and society's welfare.

Installing parental control software on their computers has helped a lot to block and filter illicit sites but it's still not a perfect solution. In this case, parents must be the acting agent here to prevent this by guiding them properly, giving them moral support and monitoring their circle of friends time to time.

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