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Why Google is forced to blackout street-views of UK?

Mar 24, 2009 0 comments
Last week, I didn't know much but read very few words about Google's explicit display of people walking by in streets and alleys of UK. The news was just as boring as hell but the same evening, I read Google were forced to pull off those streetview images off it's Google Map feature which let people browse the cities and view the pictures of it. It felt little strange to me then because, Google were never forced to do something like that for some stupid reasons. Its reasonable that Google has shaded out certain areas on it's map because of national security issues. It should completely hide all those regions which could be easily exploited or which could be used for malicious purposes. And, it has been doing that for good sake.

If you've read news before when Google Map was reasoned for Mumbai Bomb blast, when Google Map is cussed and proved evil in the eyes of smugglers(whose smack-harvesting field was destroyed by security folks who took help of Google Map), then you would know those reasons were completely idiotic. This is the continuation of the same.

Look at the pictures below and you'd know why Britons are mad about their pictures being put on Google's Map.

busy at reading porn mag or what??

The guy walking out of the sex shop complained about this picture..

This guy throwing up in the street had problems with this picture

The owner of that house had problem with this picture

naked painting .???

Is this usual in UK?? well I guess YES.. They simply didn't want it to be seen

What a ruthless bystanders? Nobody gives damn care about who is dying or lying.

Well, these are the reasons for which Google pulled off some of the street's picture. There were more pictures but they were just as lame as their accusations. Didn't bother to put here.

Thank you for reading my post.


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