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101 Mbps Internet Connection

Apr 29, 2009 1 comments
What the heck?? 101 Mbps downstream for home use!!!!! I'm not a disbeliever as technology is bringing unbelievable every here and then. But, when they brag things way before time, I just can't help.

I read news that some company called Cablevision is launching their 101 Mbps internet connection in market this May 12th, somewhere in NewYork. I don't know if this is their marketing strategy to compete with Verizon's so-called 50Mbps downstream speed and it's price but it surely looks so because I learned that Verizon is charging over $140/month for that speed whereas Cablevision is introducing 101Mbps below $100/month. It smells fishy to me.

Theoretically, What I should be getting as download speed is more than 80% less and that's the ultimate truth because many things affects the speed no matter to which extent they brag. This just doesn't work in reality. And I've to admit that there are stupid people who run after these hype otherwise, why would they dare to campaign such a marketing hype boasting country's fastest cable internet provider.

It's due on next month, and only time will change if they live up to their hype. If they've definitely what they've said, I'll completely cross out all these words I've written but, I'm damn sure it's just a hype. It's not just that time when home user would enjoy the corporate level connectivity. Still few more years, I believe.

Thank you for reading my post.


lopsang said…
yeah it sounds fishy to me too..............100 MBPS wow!!!!!

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