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Microsoft Encarta: Game Over

Apr 1, 2009 1 comments
Internet is dynamic, who don't evolve with it's pace, they fall for sure. This happened to Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia product.

Microsoft is discontinuing Encarta Website and it's software sale by October 31st,2009. They are shutting down it's services because people have changed their way of searching information in considerably different ways than in years past. They are right. Now, internet has an adequate source of information to look upon. With Wiki in scene, almost equivalent to so-called Internet Encyclopedia left Microsoft have no other choices but to shut it's services down.

Needless to say, Microsoft last year announced that it's moderately priced Antivirus software would be freeware this year. They also stopped their mobile browser research. Opera is dominant in this case.

Thus, Microsoft is making hasty decisions and this is irking their customers. The subscription fee that is paid for Encarta would be refunded by the end of April,2009 but again, it's all about consumer's trust towards Microsoft. I still remember, I used to take Encarta's reference back then.

Now, with always ON Internet connection, I can search information faster than loading CD/DVD into tray, launching programs and finally typing in and waiting for CD disc latency time to past by to check required informations.

More information on why Microsoft is shutting down it's Encarta, click here.
**This link might not work after a year from the day this post is written.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
RIP encarta. I used to love you. But now I love someone else. And her name is Wikipedia.

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