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iPod Vs Zune

May 13, 2009 0 comments
A survey showed that the sale of music in digital form has skyrocketed. iPod's iTunes,Zune's subscription based service, amazon's downloadable paid songs etc are the very few notable manifestations to talk about in this context. These people who are so used to with their universe of mp3 songs, most of them don't even realize there exists lossless audio formats like FLAC(delivering high fidelity and top-notch sound reproduction) and they seem not to bother about it but audiophiles.

There is AD wars going on these days between Microsoft and Apple. Few weeks ago, when I sat in front of my TV, most of the channels were infested with ridiculously funny 'I'm a PC'-'I'm a Mac' commercials. Today, on Youtube I saw an Ad by Microsoft on how ZUNE is superior to iPod in terms of money being spent over it per song.

According to the AD guy, he tells it costs almost $30,000 to fill 120 GB iPod. Technically he's right, paying a buck a song. And what he presents is around $15 a month for unlimited songs on Zune, of course subscription based. The AD was mocked at by people who wrote they paid $0 to fill those music players.

Check it out yourself.

Thank you for reading my post.


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