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Wolfram Search - Is it the Next Big Search Engine?

May 11, 2009 0 comments
Meanwhile Yahoo and MSN are struggling for it's existence against Google's unmatched dominance in Search Engine business, there are new kids on the block popping out claiming themselves better than Google in every aspects.

Last year, Cuil(mean Knowledge in Irish) claimed it's better than Google's search technology in a way that it's search results are totally unique and outputs most relevant searches than Google's sometime's gibberish results. They were just starting then and may be couldn't have finished indexing even over million pages. I gave few keyword searches and Cuil couldn't give a result near what I looked for while I knew the page was right there when searched on Google. Cuil's search wasn't that effective. I searched things on Cuil today(after a year I guess) and it's bit impressive.

Here is another search engine which is creating lots of buzz in the 'Cloud'. Wolfram Alpha, a new “Computational Knowledge Engine” developed by British physicist Stephen Wolfram, is all set to revolutionize search with its amazing/innovative ability to give answers to your questions directly - instead of directing you to sources where you “might” get the required information. This search engine will have it's own 'logic' to answer all those search queries put on by searchers. Unlike Google, where results are depended upon the absolute keywords used, Wolfram would use totally new approach thereby giving the exact and direct answers to the queries. It is came to learn that Mr. Wolfram has been working on this for years and this 'Wolfram Alpha' is due to launch in this very month of May, 2009.

It's still in Alpha, so wait for this month of May to pass by. Lets experience what they are claiming.


Thank you for reading my post.


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