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Every PC technician/ Tech guy's must have Toolkits

Jul 6, 2009 0 comments
I know every PC technician has their own ways to solve the problems and help their customers. I'm sharing mine.

What Can I do? I can fix computers,laptops,cellphones,repair damaged motherboards,networking,webdesign,flyers,banners,Graphic designing,Video Editing,assembling,overclocking, etc etc...(I forgot what I can do..)

What are my tools:

As a tech guy, I always think about software and hardware part.

Let me first go with the software part:

1. Ultimate Live BootCD for Windows: This is the Windows XP version of BootCD with lots of pre-compiled helpful tools to solve much of the problems. I used PEBuilder to create this BootCD and You must have Windows XP CD with you to have this BootCD. Detail instruction can be found here.

2.Gparted : This is a freeware ISO that you can download and burn as a bootable disc. I always and always keep this with me. This linux GUI tool helps you to manage partitions without hampering a data on the hard drive. I mean, you can resize your partitions without deleting data on it. Be it new harddrive or old drive, it takes care of partitions very nicely. Read thoroughly the instructions before using this tool. It could be disastrous if you don't know what you're doing esp using softwares like this. It's very easy to master though.

3. Acronis True Image Boot CD : I kick Norton's Ass for Imaging Solution and rather pats Acronis for the job. Acronis True Image Boot CD is my another Tool which I always keep with me. It saves time when I've to install OS on many systems with identical configuration. Besides, I use this for incremental image backup of my own systems. Just in case, my harddrive fails.

4. CPU-Z : This little software gives you all the details about make and model of your CPU,Memory and BIOS. You don't need to peek into your system with that petty light to read the microscopic letters off those chips. L2 Cache,Core speed,FSB,Northbridge/SouthBridge,multiplier,... Stop looking inside the casing.. Kiddos.

5.GPU-Z : If you are into GPU overclocking then you'd know what this little software is all about. GPU-Z shows all the information related to your Graphic Processing Unit(GPU),gives you wholesome idea on the power of your Graphics Card.

6. Everest Home Edition Freeware : I've tried so many diagnostic softwares and this one is my favorite. I use this to take a quick look into the system. Gives you wholesome idea about your system.

7. DriverMax : I still remember the days when I used to peek into the casing and take a note of model number of my sound card, then search for it's driver and download/install. Well, it's passe. Softwares like DriverMax does the job of finding drivers for unknown/undetected devices. It's very easy now a days.

8. Secunia Personal Software Inspector 1.5 : This one is new in the business. Windows update is not enough, you are still vulnerable if your other non-MS softwares are gone unpatched. This is where Secunia's Software Inspector comes to the rescue. It checks all the software and collects if there is any update to install.

9. HDDlife : It's the data that's more valuable that the harddrive itself. HDDlife verifies your Harddrive's performance all the time using SMART technology. If your harddrive is about to fail, it gives you ultimatum so that you could backup soonest as possible. This software could save fortune for many. I like it personally and have it on my system.

And, I've collection of security softwares like antivirus, antispywares, etc. I also possess data recovery softwares just in case to recover deleted images from Camera's memory card.

On hardware part:

10. PCI Diagnostic/POST card: It gives out certain code which means something related with the system's problem. It helps me save time while troubleshooting. This is a PCI card which could be inserted into PCI slot of the system and displays the error code on it's display panel. Mine is combo, I can use it on Laptop as well as desktop. Parallel port is used if I've to check issue on Laptop. If codes are suspicious I go with the manual ways. Checking stuff one by one but first of, I give POST card a good try which in most cases has helped me a lot.

11. Multimeter,solder unit: To check if proper voltage in/out is maintained or not or in some cases fault finding of the board or to replace the bumped capacitors using a solder. I haven't got chance to use this as much as screw drivers.

12. Screw driver: I've screw drivers of all shape and size. Pliers,twizzer are few to name. I could open big casing to cell phone with my screw drivers. I also put set of nuts and bolts with it just in case.

13. No battery Hand-crank flash light(not the fleshlight f**kers): Some times, I really have to see inside the system and this flash light saves big time. What more, it's no battery, run on dynamo principle. Just crank it for few minutes and get at least an hour or more light.

14. Hand Vacuum : For cleaning, blowing dust inside the system. Nothing much of a use other than that. Oh yeah, when I cut my hair, I suck it up using this thing. That is it's another use.

15. Netbook w/wireless internet: I keep this with me when I've to troubleshoot. I've pay as you go wireless internet USB and I use it only when needed. When I'm into someone's house, and then I forget that registry entry, I quickly log into the net and find the solutions using my Acer netbook. Saved me bigtime. Kindda looks geeky with those netbook internet.

16. Cables: I've all sort of spare USB cables,Network cables,Sata/Pata/VGA/power splitter/etc cables. I keep this with me because sometimes even a bad cable gives heck of a headache. Only solution is to replace and it works like a charm.

17. External Harddrive/Pen drive: I've 2 external pocket USB hard drive, and 2 8 GB kingston pen drive. These are useful at times for urgent backup and restore. I've useful tools loaded on my pen drives all the time.

Okay folks, these are the weapons in my arsenal which lots of tech guys are reluctant to share with normal users. I believe in sharing knowledge. If you've yours, email me.

Thank you for reading my post.


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