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It's been a while...

Aug 6, 2009 0 comments
I was kind of disappeared from my own blog. It's very hard to put myself into so many things and yet maintain the things around. Life doesn't circle around one thing, there are so many things to take care of.

Few days back, I tried to upload one Video of mine on YouTube and YouTube which usually took few minutes to audioswap, made me wait for more than 24 hours. Obviously, in their eyes, it was some copyright infringement act(so the audioswap...) even though I had put just a intro portion of the whole music. Here is one thing that I want to put light on something, YouTube's action could look good but believe it or not, I buy albums after what I hear on YouTube. Whenever, I saw some youtube videos with amazing music, I asked about it and later bought it off Amazon or eBay. There are hundreds of thousand doing that. They just go and buy the album if they like it. In a sense, YouTube is killing the marketing reach of music industry. But whatever. It's none of my business just a small concern that I put forward. Later on, after waiting for over 24 hours, I had to delete my video, cos, I hated to see my video mute.

And, yesterday, As I was trying to check my facebook, I was denied to access. I asked around if their facebook is working and strangely, I was the only one whose account looked almost closed or shutdown for some reason. Well, some sort of strange idea popped up if I'm being the hate-list target of these online giants. Sounds funny but that's what I thought then.

Today, I read not so unusual news about Twitter getting slowed down due to DOS attack by a hacker. I didn't use Twitter for few days, Its irritatingly slow sometimes. It's because of the massive traffic they are getting or the fake traffic(DOS) causing problems. Alongside, I also read Facebook had some issues in past hours and that relieved me to some extent. That was the reason. I checked my Facebook again and it worked. Otherwise, I almost ditched the idea of using it.


Thank you for reading my post.
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