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Finally Google Phone in Gmail is here, Call anywhere around the world

Aug 25, 2010 0 comments
Make free calls using Gmail anywhere in US and Canada. This is the latest update from Google team. It took me few seconds to set it up and to do test call on my own cellular phone. No more hassles of boring installation and audio/video setup wizard.

Google has been delivering outstanding services so far. Few of it's projects were big flop in the past but whatsoever, this Google phone service integration from inside Gmail is a smart move.

You can still do all those basic free things like Gmail-2-Gmail user video/text chatting for communication atop the email service. In addition to that, this newly added phone service has expanded the scope. One can call any phones in the world. They don't have to have computer to receive calls. I think Google is changing slightly the concept of PC-2-phone services. The most important thing while using Google phone service from Gmail is the ease of use.

Read official blog note on this service here

Is it time to say goodbye to other fishes like skype, magicjack???
Time will tell us. May be Google could be sued upon. Just my random thought, I don't know.

Thank you for reading my post.


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