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How to safeguard against money stealing Trojans like Zeus v3

Aug 12, 2010 0 comments
One fine morning you wake up, as usual you check your online banking and to your dismay, all you see in your account balances is zero 000000. How would you feel? Over 3000 account holders in UK (United Kingdom, Britain) felt ground slipping away from their feet when they figured this out. This news was reported yesterday on the cloud. I'm  not here to report the same news.

How do you get infected with malwares?
All these brilliant minds at dirty works create malwares and malicious scripts. One report says these people even pay big chunks out of their pocket to put their malicious ads on high traffic popular sites. Their Ad is the host of all the malwares/ill programs. Visitors click those Ads or view them in some manner and that's how they transfer the trojans into the system. Malwares are not often as destructive as virus. They sneak attack and work behind the curtain unnoticed. 
There are assumptions that some legitimate bank sites were hosting these malwares through the Ads they're serving. As soon as someone enters their log in infos, it gets sent to some remote servers.

How to protect yourself from trojans and malwares? 
Some news sites reported that all the major security softwares couldn't detect money stealing trojan named 'Zeus'. More and more attacks are getting sophisticated and complicated to understand for antivirus softwares. To rely solely on Antvirus softwares for all your computer security has become mere stupidity. You need to use your own intelligence and common sense also care about how you interact with your computer.

1. Try to use safe browsers esp Firefox. Internet Explorer easily allows you to run activX or some other web app without user's consent.  It takes great deal of knowledge and time to tame IE the way you want.

2. If you are already paying yearly subscription fees for your computer security softwares just because they've promised your safe landing on any online sites. You are being misinformed. Try anti malware softwares like Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Don't be relaxed on Windows Firewall. Go ahead and load your system with some rock solid firewall stuff like COMODO firewall. Antivirus software should be as effective as ESET's NOD32.

3. Notice some pop-ups in the middle out of no where asking you for some 'YES' 'No' click. Click nowhere but cross [X] at the top right corner of the window. Sometimes their 'NO' is also 'YES'

4. Frequently update your security softwares and make a habit of scanning your computer on weekly basis. I personally and manually scan for malwares because these are the culprits which go unnoticed from the Antivirus's radar. So, manual scanning and removal is the must.

5. Don't open up any email attachments esp with .exe or .zip extension. If you are sent low res high MB pictures, don't download it either. If it seems your friend has sent something unsual with attachment through email , confirm it either by calling them or asking them through any other means. Don't click any links on the email asking you for any account updates or stuff like that.

6.And guys, I urge you to use Sandbox for all your surfing needs. Here is what I suggest. Load your system with the best security softwares. Then install Sandbox software. You visit news site, whatever sites you like that don't need log in informations inside the Sandbox software and do your regular bank login, email login outside the Sandbox. This is becoming the only effective solution to fight those trojans at the moment with all things around. 

Go for easy to use Sandboxie. Visit their site and you'll get an idea on what really a Sandbox is.

How to remove malwares/trojans like Zeus or it's any variant??
I strongly insist you to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware  , scan multiple times and remove all the trojans and it's traces. This is one of the effective program I've found so far. There is a limited freeware version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware too.

Thank you for reading my post.

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