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Car's onboard Computer Systems prone to hack

Sep 26, 2010 0 comments
It's still unimaginable to hack into someone's Car's on-board Computer system but it's not impossible. A team of modern day student hackers from the University of Washington and the University of San Diego conducted the experiment and successfully exploited the Car's system using specialized wireless hacking tool called CarShark. The results were terrifying:

  • they turned off brakes in a moving car
  • blasted the radio volume
  • turned the heat up high
  • locked the passenger door from inside
  • showed the fake reading on the speedometer
Do you flaunt your latest car's built in GPS navigation system with gizmo friendly abilities and ultra-rich features? It's time to think. Time to think how you could protect yourself and your car. The future of car jacking is at metamorphic stage simply termed car hacking for now. Sooner or later, it seems imminent.


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