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Latest MSIL/Zeven malware mimicking Microsoft Security Essentials

Sep 7, 2010 0 comments
This particular malware dubbed MSIL/Zeven is currently on the radar of Microsoft. This malware infected PCs display rogue but authentic looking security alerts. Visibly, it's 99 % accurate and rapidly combing all naive victims across the networks. Certain group of computer users highly sensitive to online threats were among the victims.  This malware has  packed in such a psychological and detail factor(except few negligible spelling error) that even the cleverest eyes could be easily deceived.

This malware when loaded, displays the "Reported Attack Site" or "Reported phishing site" page in the exact style of the firefox browser. In addition to that, it offers you to update. This 'update offer' part is neatly done.

Update freak without a doubt would click that link. And, when that happens, it works on it's way. It then downloads,installs and launches rogue Win7 AV (Windows 7 Antivirus) with all legitimate looking UI.

It gives out number of threat warnings. To exterminate those threats, it offers you to buy their updates.

 You are  then forwarded to legitimate looking Microsoft Security Essentials page. To make things look quite convincing, all the links on that rogue page are pointed back to Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced a detail information on this latest havoc and a way to delete this off your system.
Click here for Microsoft Support to deal with this MSIL/Zeven malware.

Personally, I also recommend you to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.


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