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Taiwanese woman marries herself

Oct 23, 2010 0 comments
As bizarre as it may sound, Chen Wei-yih, 30 years old woman from Taiwen, spent $5,700 on her solo-wedding ceremony with some 30 friends around, renting a banquet hall, hiring a wedding planner,photographer etc.

She wanted to show other single thirty-something women that they were not failures. To add more on this, she has planned solo-honeymoon soon, just like a traditional marriage. It really knocks on my head how she would accomplish this and what it really means to be on honeymoon without a groom. ummm I'm thinking something else...

Further she denies being anti-marriage, homo-sexual or any other cult that one could think of. According to her, she couldn't find an eligible one in whole Taiwan. This one particular news has raised eyebrows on Taiwanese men. I don't know what's her definition of perfect man is.

I'm not against the idea of loving oneself. But, this news is way far than that. I smell Narcissism disorder. She needs help, a definite psychological help from professionals.



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