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Calibre - Simple yet astonishingly powerful ebook manager

Nov 14, 2010 1 comments
Calibre is a free open source ebook management software. It catalogs ebooks residing in your hard drive or the one downloaded from internet. Once ebooks are in Calibre, you can efficiently manage your ebooks like giving it proper tags, fetching publishers info and all other stuffs. All these tasks are automated if you are connected to the internet, it does everything for you.

It has built-in reader. So, once you've your ebooks in the calibre, you can read it on your computer.

But, if you have external ebook readers like kindle and nook, it's another excellent tool to must have. It easily syncs to all ebook reader devices available today in the market. Even more, it does the conversion of ebook in proper format so that it can be transferred, properly displayed and read on those devices.

See the Video demo, what it can do.

Download it here


Very much helpful topic sir,
i like that and i want to say that i am totally agree with you.

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