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How to read Nepalese fonts on your Android devices / tablets

Dec 7, 2011 4 comments

How to display Nepalese and other unicode fonts on your mobile android devices or tablets using opera mini browser.


Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts.- YES

When you click 'yes', all the writings on the web pages  are thereafter processed on opera servers.. which means you'll be seeing the snapshots of the webpages instead of the writing. They call it bitmap fonts.


Niraj Adhikari said…
or root your phone( there are guides available) download the mangal.ttf font rename it to DroidSansFallback.ttf and replace it with the one in your /system/fonts partition using a file explorer as root explorer....af1ter that all browsers and apps can display devnagari
PS you need to be rooted to gain access to your /system partition
Navin said…
Nice information on reading nepali font in mobile. Now writing in nepali in mobiles phones is also possible using panini application.
Anonymous said…
Thanks For such a nice tips...

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