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Activate Nepal Telecom 3G for Prepaid Postpaid Sim

Nov 9, 2013 2 comments
Nepal Telecom (NT, some still call it NTC) has started offering free 3G activation for prepaid as well as postpaid sims. The subscription fee and the need to go to a Nepal Telecom sim center and fill up a form has been waved off for prepaid sim card users of this company. Now both prepaid as well as postpaid sim card users can activate a faster internet for their mobile phones.

To activate Nepal Telecom 3G follow these steps:
  1. Compose a new message in your phone.
  2. Type 3G in the message area.
  3. Send it to 1400
After you send the message, you will receive a confirmation message which states:
Thank you for subscribing 3G service. You will be connected by 5 PM next working day:Nepal Telecom
After your 3G subscription has been activated you will receive the following message from the number 2455:
Dear customer 3G Service has been activated in your handset GSM Billing, Nepal Telecom

Activating Nepal Telecom 3G in PhoneActivation/Subscription is quick and painless now. This 3G internet offered by Nepal Telecom might not be the fastest 3G that the world has seen but it is comparably a fast mobile internet available in Nepal.

Some facts about Nepal Telecom 3G:

  • The company claims its 3G speed to be upto 7.2 Megabits / second. Personal experiences has shown that it is fast.
  • Activation is completely free.
  • Data rates are 10 Paisa per 100 KB. Data charges are actually incurred after sometime. It is possible for your mobile phone balance to go negative.
  • Coverage is mainly in Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara, Banepa, Bhairahawa and Baglung are also covered.


Suraj Amatya said…
So simple thanks.
I thought the postpaid 3g was unlimited(600 rs per month). Is it true?

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